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Excellence From The Sky To The Land: BMW’s 100-Year History Part Two

Independently designed cars The replacement of the independent front suspension on the 3/15 PS DA-4 was not very successful. During prototype testing, there were structural issues that led to accidents, and the subsequent production models did not achieve the expected performance. German media personality and automotive engineer Josef Ganz harshly criticized this car. The main […]

Excellence From The Sky To The Land: BMW’s 100-Year History Part One

It is the pride of German manufacturing, it is a model of sports luxury car brand, it is the dream car of countless men and women, it officially entered the century-old car company club this year, it is BMW! Yes, BMW today is one of the most successful luxury car brands, with good sales and […]

Luxury brand from Korea: Genesis Past and Present

The history of Genesis can be traced back to 2003, when Hyundai Motor launched the Genesis project with a total project cost of US$533 million. As a rear-wheel-drive executive luxury sedan, Genesis’ body design took three years and underwent 800,000 miles of reliability testing during the development cycle. At the 2007 New York Auto Show, […]

From High-end To Popular: The Origin And Development Of Audi SUV

In the fierce competition in the luxury car market, Audi has always led the trend with its excellent design, exquisite craftsmanship and innovative technology. However, among the three BBA German luxury car brands, Audi entered the SUV market relatively late. As a rising star, Audi finally launched its first SUV model on the 25th anniversary […]

Enthusiasm to achieve dreams-Pagani brand history

Such a brand is not a famous family nor has a long history. Its total output is not even as high as that of other manufacturers in one day, but it has attracted countless car fans crazy. Each of its cars is fully embodied in the fusion of power and beauty. Each of its cars […]

Speed Oriented and Art As Soul – Bugatti

On Bugatti’s official website, TRADITION is placed in the most prominent position. A timeline spanning two centuries records every important event about Bugatti, but there are some blank years on this long timeline. These blank years are the ill-fated fate of the Bugatti brand, and those that have been remembered are a series of great […]

Perfect Interpretation Of British Passion – MG History (Part Two)

●1947-53 MG YA At the end of World War II in 1945, the industries of the participating countries began to recover one after another, and Mg launched YA model. MG is equipped with a 46 horsepower engine for YA model. The rear part of the body is larger and the lines are beautiful, while the […]

Perfect Interpretation Of British Passion – MG History (Part One)

I believe that most of car friends’ understanding of the MG brand started when MG was acquired, and this brand was accepted by people after SAIC Motor took over MG and launched MG6. Perhaps many friends only know that MG is a brand from the UK, but they do not know that MG has a […]

Bugatti – Classic makes Brilliance

Since it was founded in 1909, it has created unparalleled brilliance. It has made unparalleled racing cars. It lets people see the unique delicate charm of machinery. It perfectly integrates luxury and speed. It gives racing cars a more luxurious position. It has been brilliant, wildly sought after and praised, and it has gone bankrupt […]