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Luxury brand from Korea: Genesis Past and Present

The history of Genesis can be traced back to 2003, when Hyundai Motor launched the Genesis project with a total project cost of US$533 million. As a rear-wheel-drive executive luxury sedan, Genesis’ body design took three years and underwent 800,000 miles of reliability testing during the development cycle. At the 2007 New York Auto Show, the Hyundai Genesis concept car made its debut, and in December of the same year, the production version was launched.

According to statistics, from January to June 2008, the cumulative sales volume of Genesis in South Korea was 17,027 vehicles. In September 2008, Genesis officially launched in the Chinese market and was named Rohens, with a price range of 398,000-520,000 yuan. Hyundai Motor brought Genesis to Chinese consumers in a very short period of time, making China the second stop for overseas launch after the United States, only 2 months later than the United States.

It is worth mentioning that in the Hollywood action science fiction blockbuster “Inception”, Genesis changed his elegant administrative style and became a powerful defender of the protagonist. It shuttled freely through the traffic on the streets of Los Angeles, passing through countless gaps in lightning, countless scratches and bumps, and even raging fires could not stop its progress. There were even exciting scenes such as a car hitting a train.

Regrettably, the first-generation Genesis failed to attract much attention in the Korean, North American, or Chinese markets. It has been tepid for several years. Many people don’t even remember its name. Sales volume It’s nothing compared to other Hyundai models. However, this has not hindered Koreans from exploring luxury cars. At the 2014 North American Auto Show, Hyundai Motor launched the second-generation Genesis.

At the Beijing Auto Show of the same year, the new generation of Genesis made its debut in China. In August 2014, Genesis was launched in China, with a price range of 378,000-648,800 yuan. In November 2015, Genesis announced its independence as Hyundai Motor’s high-end brand. At the 2016 North American Auto Show, Genesis, which is positioned as a luxury medium and large car, was renamed Genesis G80. In addition, Genesis G90, which focuses on the flagship sedan segment, was launched.

As the car of two South Korean presidents, Genesis’ status in South Korea has grown rapidly. When people talk about this brand, they always associate it with safety and luxury. Not only that, since 2017, Genesis has been ranked in the top three for three consecutive years in the influential U.S. Consumer Reports comprehensive automobile brand ranking list. In just a few years, Genesis can be said to have been at the forefront of the second-tier luxury car brand camp in the North American market, and has the potential to catch up with BBA.

Unlike the great success it achieved in the South Korean and North American markets, data shows that in 2015, the sales of the Genesis in China were only 1016 units. In 2016, sales continued to decline, dropping to less than a hundred units. By the end of 2016, Hyundai China reached a compensation and settlement agreement with the remaining 40 import Hyundai dealers nationwide, and canceled the marketing and sales departments, closed the import car channel, and sadly withdrew from the Chinese market.

After three years, Genesis is preparing for the brand’s return to the Chinese market. In 2019, Genesis unveiled its new G90, GV80 concept car and Mint concept car at the China International Import Expo. The following year, Genesis once again appeared at the China International Import Expo with its G80, GV80, and G90 product lineup, marking the prelude to its entry into China. In April 2021, Genesis took the first step to enter China again.

Shanghai, China is the first stop for the Genesis brand to enter China. On the banks of the Huangpu River, Genesis created a visual feast in the night sky over the Bund with a drone performance that broke the Guinness World Record. It will also open the first “Genesis Home” in the center of Shanghai, which is the name of a Genesis directly-operated store, where consumers can experience cars, art and culture, and exclusive Genesis services.

This time, Genesis has brought two models to China: Genesis G80, a mid-to-large luxury sedan, and GV80, Genesis’ first SUV model. Both of them adopt the design concept of “dynamic elegance”, and the iconic “Parallel Dual Bright” dual-line design elements are reflected in both models. The highly recognizable design achieves a balance between sporty and elegant features. In terms of interiors, Genesis adopts the design concept of “Beauty of White Space”.

Conclusion: Genesis is one of the few luxury car brands in South Korea. As of September 2020, Genesis has sold a total of 380,000 vehicles worldwide. As the world’s largest automobile market, China plays a vital role in Genesis’ global development strategy. Faced with China’s huge and rapidly growing luxury car market, even though the road ahead is full of thorns, Genesis still has the courage to enter China again. This time, let’s wait and see how far the journey of Genesis in China can go!