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The Increasing Popularity Of LED Wheel Lights for Cars!

Interior car lighting has come a long way in recent years! We’ve seen a rise in the popularity of LED wheel lights for cars. These are great options for those who want to add ambient lighting to their car. Not only do they look great, but they’re also very functional. There are several reasons for […]

Top 5 Aftermarket Car Accessories For Your New Car – AoonuAuto

A new car is a joy to behold. It’s clean, shiny, and new – and it’s all yours. But once the initial excitement of your new car purchase wears off, you may start to notice a few things that your new car lacks. Whether it’s a lack of storage space, a lack of safety features, […]

Impact of lights and color on passenger mood

Studies show that soothing lights and sounds have a calming effect on a person’s mind and help removing stress. Whether you are behind the wheels or at the passenger seat, the proper use of interior lights can lighten up your mood and Aoonu Auto makes sure that you get nothing but the best with the […]

LED accent lights: a truly stunning way of dressing up your interior

Do you need interior lighting for the car when a pocket-sized light affixed on the roof can offer brightness? The answer is yes, for interior lighting is more than that little ray from a teensy bulb, but something that can enlighten the entire seating area and floor space if possible. Aoonu Auto has made sure […]

LED Accent Lights: Everyone wants one for a reason

An accessory should be more than just a showpiece if it is a good quality piece it has to serve some purpose as well. AoonuAuto is always up to give the best of services to its customers therefore, they have myriad options on their platter, and LED accent lights are one such assorted part of their collection. The lights work exactly how they are names, they make the whole experience of the car interior highlighted and illumined. The accent lighting is a way of ornamenting your car’s inland to get a distinct aura, which will make your drive ever smooth.

LED Accent lights: A more enjoyable ride with music

LED accent lights are the kind of ancillaries that make the fun double when you are taking up the drive. Your itinerary will no longer be boring with these exquisite lights installed in your car.