Mercedes-Benz V-CLASS W638 1996-2003 Batteries Powered LED Door Sills Trim Plates



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Note: For more customization requirements or you are not sure the type of car, please contact our customer service ( [email protected] ), thank you!


Protected the door sill from being scratched.
The car door sill is a place that is often stepped on when getting in and out of the car, and it is easy to be scratched. The Mercedes-Benz LED door entry guards scratch cover protector can well protect the car door sill, avoiding the door sill from being scratched and affecting the car appearance. It can also cover existing scratches and play a good modification role. Make the car maintain the image of a new car!

Installation is not complicated.
In order to enhance your experience of our LED doorsills, they are all designed for the simplest installation scheme. No hard-wiring required, just need to prepare AA batteries. There is a strong adhesive 3M double-sided tape on the back of the LED plate, which can be directly pasted and installed without damaging the car.

Long life span.
It uses electromagnetic induction switch. When you open the door, the door sill panel will light up and display the name and LOGO of the vehicle (and when the door is closed, the LED door sill panel will turn off). It effectively saves energy and also makes the LED car door sill longer service life.


Fitted for the car front doors and rear doors
Voltage: 5V
Current: less than 0.5A
Waterproof rating: IP67
Material: Acrylic (PMMA) + High brightness LED
Thickness: 0.4cm-0.5cm

Working mode:

Powered by AA Battery, led door sill runs on batteries only, no wiring required. The switch is controlled by a small magnet. The light turns off when the magnet is close and turns on when it moves away. The magnet is installed at the bottom of the door, corresponding to the magnet sensing area of the door sill plate below. There is also a power switch on the battery box.

stay on” means the lights stay on when the door is opened and nothing else changes.

flash&flow” The battery powered version will light up when the door is opened, and then automatically turn off after displaying all lighting modes in two cycles (the LED door sill panels also turn off as the door closed). It will light up again as the door open. Generally, it keeps light up for about 1 minute. The duration of the light is proportional to the length of the door sill pedal. The longer the door sill pedal, the longer the light could stay on.

Customization Steps:

1. Any words, text, pattern, image; e.g., your name, store logo, company logo, carton logo, model words, etc. can be customized.
2. When placing an order, please select “”Customize Logo”” option and fill in your customized content in the “”Note”” box.
3. After placing the order, please contact us via Email: [email protected] or Messenger with the order number & customized requirements, and our customer service will make a second confirmation with you (usually within one working day).
4. After you confirm, your order will enter production, and the production will be completed and shipped within 1-2 working days.
To learn more about customized services, please click: LED Door Sill Customized Service.

Installation Step:

1. Get the AA batteries ready then put them into the battery box to check the work of led door sill.
2. Tear off the 3M tape on the back of the door sill pedal, and attach the door sill pedal to the install location.
3. Be aware there’s a small magnet that comes with the battery door sills, which need to attach to the bottom of the door, aiming at control point on the led door sills. Suggesting to identify the control point before installation.
4. Hide the battery box and wires.
Note: Battery is not included in our product package. Each pedal needs 4 AA batteries for power supply. Please prepare the batteries by yourself.


1. AoonuAuto LED Door Sills are not the OEM part (not factory door sill). The LED door sills cover on the original car sill or door sill scuff plates.
2. The acrylic door sill pedals couldn’t cover the curved area of the door steps.

After Sales Services:

1. LED door sills is customized product. After starting its production, if there is no quality problem or defect manufacturer, it does not under the refund policy.
2. We provide 1-month replacement and 1-year warranty policy, which is not applicable to artificial damage and other subjective reason.
3. If you have any question, contact us please. (We will respond within 24 hours.)

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