RF Remote Control LED Underbody Lights


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Multiple light colors and modes
This car underglow neon light has 8 light colors. The mode has llashing mode, gradient mode, breathing mode, etc., as well as music mode (flashing and jumping to the rhythm of the music). RF infrared remote control can change the light color, mode and brightness at any time.

When your car travels through the crowd with cool underbody lights, it must be the most eye-catching. Colorful lights are projected on the ground from the bottom of the car, following the movement of your car. Bring the stereo, you can even have a passionate party on the beach.

Trouble-free installation
The LED chip and circuit board of the light strip are wrapped and sealed by silicone, which is waterproof and dustproof. The 3m double-sided tape on the back of the light strip has strong adhesion, which can firmly fix the light strip on the chassis of the car without drilling holes. The cigarette lighter plug is connected to the power supply, plug and play, non-destructive installation! It is suitable for all vehicles, cars, SUVs, vans and trucks with DC 12V power supply.


Remote control LED strip lamp
Voltage DC: 12V
Power interface: DC line With insurance tube/Cigarette lighter interface
Materials: LED Chip set + Silicone Housing
Light colors: red, green, blue, white, yellow, cyan, purple, orange
IP rating: IP65

Light strip size: 60cm*2 + 90cm*2
Wire size: 1.8M*2+2.5M*2
LED type: SMD5050 180LED

Light strip size: 90cm*2+120cm*2
Wire size: 1.8M*2+2.5M*2
LED type: SMD5050 252LED

Control function:

Adjustable brightness
8 light colors
2 jumping flashing modes
2 gradient modes
4 music modes

Installation Attention:

1. Please note the direction when connecting the strip light to the car charger.
2. The remote should point to the box with the receiver.
3. Please remove the battery cover before using the remote.
4. The sensor has to be put on or near the speaker.

Package List:

4 LED light strips
1 x remote control
1 x music and RF control box
1 x Cigarette lighter interface cable
1 x DC wire with insurance tube
1 x specification

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60cm*2+90cm*2, 90cm*2+120cm*2