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LED Floor Mats Buying Guide

Illuminous floor mats give our car interior a classier, more elegant and more modish in appearance. A stylish and practical upgrade for our cars.

They are wonderful when they glow as soon as they are switched on, the LED lights up to this illuminating logo of the car brand you own. It does not just create a different aura but also a sense of pride the moment it speaks of your car brand.

They are RF remote controlled enabling you to choose the light color- red, green, blue, white, yellow, cyan, purple and orange. Each hue of the car floor mats promises a Hyun-cool atmosphere inside the car that appeals to the senses of the passengers.

Hassle-free installation. They are the ‘plug and play’ auxiliaries that don’t bite-off hours away from your day if you choose to upgrade it. It is made of Acrylic material, dustproof and waterproof, can be cleaned using a cloth.

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