Fiat Compatible RF Remote Control Car LOGO LED Floor Mat


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Reliable Quality
The Fiat LED floor mat is made of acrylic (PMMA: Polymeric Methyl Methacrylate). It has smooth surface, waterproof and dustproof features, and could be cleaned easily. It will not rust, will not be easily scratched, will not be easily broken!

RF remote control
The light of the LED floor mat can be remotely controlled. One remote can control multiple floor mats at the same time. You can switch the color and flashing mode whatever you want though remote control! If you feel the remote control is inconvenient, you can choose the upgraded version – mobile phone APP Bluetooth remote control. There are more colors and patterns to choose from in the mobile APP!

High-end Car Ambient Lights
Different color lights of LED floor mats are not dazzling and they create a soft and relaxed atmosphere for passengers. The music mode allows the lights flash (or fade in and out) with the rhythm of music. Whether it is a soft love song or hip pop song with a fast rhythm, this led mats can achieve whatever the effect you want.

Easy To Install
This kit has a cigarette lighter plug which allow it plug and play, non-destructive installation! There is a 3M tape on the back of the floor mat, which can help to fix the mat to prevent it from sliding. Compatible with 99% of models. According to the measurement under the specification, you can quickly determine whether it can be installed on the front floor and rear floor.

Customization Steps:

If you want to customize an illuminated floor mat kit, please click here: Customized LED Floor Mat.
1. Any words / text / pattern / image; e.g., your name, store / company logo, carton logo, model words, etc. can be customized.
2. When you place an order, please fill in your vehicle info (maker/model/year), customized content and select the kit.
3. After placing the order, please contact us via E-mail: [email protected] or Messenger with the order number & customized requirements, and our customer service will make a second confirmation with you (usually within one working day).
4. After you confirm, your order will enter production, and the production will be completed and shipped within 1-2 working days.
To learn more about customized services, please click:  LED Car Floor Mat Customized Service.

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