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AoonuAuto LED Car Door Light Customization Service

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I customize the LOGO (Company/store/organization logo, My name, Personal logo) / WORDS / PATTERN?
A: Yes of course. If you already purchased, just contact us via Email: [email protected] or Messenger with the order number & customized requirements, and our customer service will confirm the information with you.

Q: Are they plug and play?
A: Yes, just choose the correct model (door light).

Q: Which model is compatible with my car?
A: Generally, there is a compatible vehicle information in the description. You can check it by yourself. If you are still unsure, or need customer service to help you find your compatible door light, you can provide  your car model information and your door light picture to the customer service for confirmation.

Q: What is drilled install?
A: It is a universal door light. The installation process requires you to punch holes in the door and wire this LED door light yourself. It is suitable for vehicles without door lights. It actually has no restrictions on the car model. As long as you want, it can be installed.

We Provide Pro Service:

 Customer service: respond to your needs and answer your doubts within 24 hours.
 Design team: professional design to create the most appropriate customized drawings.
 Own Factory: Produced and shipped immediately.

Real customized case:

Video instruction:

Customized Procedure:

1. Place an order (Be sure to check the description and choose the door light model that compatible with your car!). Please select ‘Custom Logo’.

2. If you have the customized pattern (image), please send the picture along with Order No to customer service via email or Facebook (Try to provide high-resolution image.).

3. Our designer will create a drawing according to your custom content for you within one working day. Then our customer service will send the drawings to you for confirmation. Please pay attention to your email Inbox.

4. After confirming the drawing, it will be sent to the factory for immediate production.

5. Custom processing time is generally taken for 1-2 working days. Once production is completed, items will be shipped immediately.

Purchase Guide:

If you like customization, please don’t hesitate.

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