Acura Car LED Door LOGO Projector Lights 2 PCS


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If you are not sure about your car model, or need to determine whether our door lights can be installed on your car. You can send photos of your factory/OEM door lights to our customer service for confirmation. For more customization requirements, please contact our customer service ([email protected] or Messenger), thank you!


High Definition and Bright Projection.
The Acura car door projection lamp is made of high-brightness LED chips and high-definition projection lenses. Its working voltage and power are 12V/5W. It has high-brightness lighting output, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection!

Perfect Upgrade for Car Door Light!
AoonuAuto plug-and-play car door lights can directly replace the factory door lights, and the installation is non-destructive. After installing this LED car door projector light, you can see a LOGO/Pattern projected on the floor when door opening and turned off as the door is closed.

Long Service Lifetime.
The high-definition projection lens keeps it bright for a long time and can project the clear patterns. Its service life is longer than that of the OEM car door light, which saves you the cost of replacing the door light frequently.


100% new and super brightness LED light
Voltage: 12V
Output power: 5W
Lamp type: Philips LED
Material: ABS + Aluminum alloy


(Tips: The same model may have different configurations. The exclusive door light Logo projectors only for cars with factory door lights. So Please confirm whether your car has door lights or just reflectors, or a hole before placing an order. If you are not sure, it is recommended to consult customer service.)

RDX 2013-2018
TSX 2010-2013
Interchange OEM part:
MDX 2007-2018
RDX 2019-2022
RLX 2014-2020
TL 2009-2014
TLX 2015-2022
ZDX 2010-2013
MDX 2001-2006
RL 1996-2004
Interchange OEM part:

How to Custom a Logo, Pattern, Image?

1. Any words, text, pattern, image; e.g., your name, store logo, company logo, carton logo, model words, etc. can be customized.
2. When placing an order, please select “Custom Logo (Contact Us)” option.
3. After placing the order, please contact us via Email: [email protected] or Messenger with the order number & customized requirements, and our customer service will make a second confirmation with you (usually within one working day).
4. After you confirm, your order will enter production, and the production will be completed and shipped within 1-2 working days.
To learn more about customized services, please click: LED Car Door Projector Light LOGO Customized Service

How to Install the Exclusive Car Door Light Logo Projector?

1. Use a flat-head screwdriver to remove and disconnect the factorydoor step lights;
2. Plug in new door lights with correspondent connector;
3. Done! LOGO should be projected on the ground.

If Your Vehicle Does Not Have Factory Door Lights, Please Look At Here

Option: Drilled Install is a universal door light. Its installation will damage your car. It needs to disassemble the car door inner cover and drill a hole, and then hard-wire it to install.
Of course, if you can accept the above conditions, it is highly recommended that you buy this door light. It allows you to add door lights to a car that does not originally have a door light, so that your car can be more up-to-date with the times. You can also customize your favorite LOGO according to the customization steps in the above description.

How to Install the Universal Car Door Light Logo Projector?

1. First, test if the received projection lamp can work normally.
2. Remove the car door inner cover.
3. Find the correct position and drill with a punch.
4. Install the logo projector light. Tighten the screw to fix the logo projector light, and then connect the positive and negative terminals to the wires that controls the door switch.
5. Check if it is installed correctly. Does the lamp work properly? Adjust the logo direction to make it display correctly.
6. Tidy the wires and put the cover back on.

Package list:

2 PCS Door Logo Projector Lights
(Note: You need to order 2 pair if you would like to install the car door logo projector lights for your 4 car doors.)

After Sales Services:

1. LED door light LOGO projector is customized product. After starting its production, if there is no quality problem or defect manufacturer, it does not under the refund policy.
2. We provide 1-month replacement and 1-year warranty policy, which is not applicable to artificial damage and other subjective reason.
3. If you have any question, contact us please. (We will respond within 24 hours.)

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A-AC1 (See compatibility below), A-AC2 (See compatibility below), A-AC3 (See compatibility below), Drilled install (Universal)

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