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Interior LED Accent Kit Buying Guide

Car Interior Ambient Lights

When sitting in the car, do you feel that the car is too dark? Or do you want to try some novel interior lighting?

Aoonu has a variety of interior atmosphere lights, these atmosphere lights are universal, basically all brands and models can be used. If you are buying a light bar, you only need to pay attention to the size of the light bar.

The colorful interior ambient lights instantly light up the interior of the car, creating a unique sense of atmosphere. When you are driving on the road, the lights will make passengers feel comfortable and cheerful.

Atmosphere Light LED Interior Accent Kit

Car Interior Starlight Atmosphere Light

Fiber Optic Multicolor LED Accent Light Kit

Auto Interior Ambient Starry Sky Light

Mini USB LED Light / Ambient Light


Car exterior Ambient Lights

The colorful exterior lights make your car distinctive among many cars. Cool lighting effects can catch the eye of passersby. The colorful lights revealed by the car door sill light bar from the slit of the car door are like a stage hidden in the car. Opening the car door can also illuminate the inside and outside at the same time, making it easy to get in and out of the car. The angel wings projection lamp is like adding a pair of wings to the car, and also illuminates the way to the car door. The wheel hub lights are more cool than the chassis lights. When the wheels rotate, they bring unusual dynamic light effects, which are very unique.

Car Door Frame Atmosphere Light

Car Million Color LED Wheel Lights

Angel Wings Projector Light

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