Angel Wings Projector Light

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    The Angel Wing Light Welcome Light Carpet


    Beautiful Lighting Effects.

    This light is used to create a beautiful and charming interior atmosphere of the car. If you cannot find your car in a massive parking lot at night. The welcome light carpet light up from under the car onto the ground, paving the way for an owner to find his or her car in the dark. Make your trip Cool with lighting atmosphere, ambient is suitable for gathering with family and friends, let the car welcomes you in more romantic way. Enjoy your drive with all happiness.

    Start-up Model:

    The welcome light carpet originate from BMW 7 series. The light is projected onto the both sides of the car, like a pair of wings. Like a nighttime elf, dreamy and charming.

    Changeable colours:

    There are 4 colors. Switch per on/off, automatically switch one color. Welcome light carpet makes up of nine LED white light beams, which stretched outside along the door to welcome its owner. The gorgeous lighting effects give you a sense of high level, sumptuous, and elegance.

    High quality.

    High brightness LED, waterproof, flexible, anti-corrosion, anti-collision, not afraid of scratching. It also improves the safety factor in darkness.


    Voltage: 12V
    Output power: 8W
    Rated current: 700mA
    Lamp brightness: 140ml
    Service life: 30,000hours
    Working temperature: -40 degree Celsius~ 80 degree Celsius
    Material: Aluminum
    Applicable models: General
    Light color: white, blue, green, red
    Wire length:
    Main wire: 110cm
    Branch wire: 200cm&420cm

    Wiring scheme:

    Fog lights, door locks, small lights, reversing lights
    (Adjust the angle after installation to achieve the best lighting effect)

    After Sales and Warranty Services.

    1. If it is not a quality problem or a manufacturer's problem, we will not refund it.
    2. We provide 1-month replacement and 1-year warranty policy, which is not applicable to human damage and other subjective factors.
    3. If you find any problem, contact us, our customer service team will give valuable service to you.

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