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LED Underbody Lights: Brightest, Toughest and most durable on the market

Choosing lights for the interior to the car might seem like an easy task because you know which light is designed for what. For example, the LED door handle lights will be useful for those fidgeting with crank knobs when raindrops splatter inside the car through the windows while LED coasters will help locating the proper spot to keep beverage cups without spilling. However, when it comes to exterior lighting for unconventional parts i.e. not the headlights, tailgate, taillights or third brakes, not many people will be aware of their existence. The underbody lights are such examples of exterior lighting that not only bring style quotient but also safety and convenience.

Underbody Lights With Remote Control

Available in set of two 60cm and two 90cm and set of two 90cm and two 120cm to match the dimension of different car models, these car exterior accessories are easy to operate for anyone whether they are tech savvy or not. Thanks to the IP68 certification, these lights on four sides of the car will glow brightly to lighten up the surface beneath the car without being affected by the road conditions and bad weather. Each LED strip has superior flexibility to fit along the edges and will not fall off just like that.

No matter how muddy, dusty or sandy the road is, or how rainy, snowy or stormy the weather is, the LEDs enclosed in silicone tubes will remain unscathed. Keeping the durability and sturdiness aside, these lights will also look stylish with eight colors i.e. orange, purple, red, green, cyan, yellow, white and blue in monochrome mode.

Use the RF remote to change four music control modes, two jump modes, two fade control modes, two dual modes and four switch lighting modes of the LED lights. Adapt to the ordinary music and watch the automatic vibrant gradient without music or to DJ music that turns of the lamps automatically when no music is being played. When you adapt to tender music, it can either change into vibrant mode or keep the current colored light glowing when there is no music.

Underbody Lights With App Control

If you enjoy traveling in the passenger seat at ease and do not wish to operate the remote control to change or adjust lighting, the app controlled underbody lights will be a great choice. Using an app to customize the lights and modes will be convenient while you are working with multiple apps on the Smartphone and therefore, you do not even need to carry an additional remote.

Compatible with iOS and Android, the app lets you enjoy a DIY color customization using up to sixteen million colors. While customizing 210 color modes to find the most suitable option, you can also add timer control and music control where the color changes and creates effects according to the rhythm.

These LED underbody lights are also available in set of two 45cm and two 120cm, set of two 55cm and two 150cm and set of four 45cm and two 150cm so that you can decide which sections to lighten up and at what scale regarding the size of the car model.  The waterproofing support with IP65-68 rating makes these flexible LED strips in silicone housing sturdy enough to withstand the ruggedness of the road, as well as the adversities of the weather. Just like the remote-controlled underbody lights, the app-controlled one is also easy to install, thanks to the double-sided adhesive that is too hard to remove.

Apart from these two underbody lighting options, Aoonu Auto also offers you the wheel lights that can add to the style statement of the chunky tyres of the jeeps or the sleek ones of a luxury car. Available in RGB and multicolor variants and in 4 and 8 pods, these lights are also customizable with mobile apps.

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