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Brighter than anything Million color Tailgate LED Lights

While adding highly luminous headlights and interior LED lighting, you might think that the rear end of the car hardly needs something other than a third brake light or taillight. But, what if you are told that a tailgate light bar can work in a versatile way to act as turn signal, brake and reverse lights? Aoonuauto makes it possible with the eco-friendly LED tailgate bar that will save the energy of car battery and last in the years to come.

Why not show-off your style at the rear side along with the interior and front exterior lights and how it gets the envious looks from the fellow drivers on the road? At the same time, its added safety will be something to boast of, especially in rush hours.

No Impact On The Environment

There is no need to contribute any more to the carbon footprint in the environment because the tailgate lights consist of eco-friendly LEDs that saves energy while running at 12V voltage. Each light bar has 48 or 60 pieces of LEDs for the two size variants i.e. 48 inches and 58 inches, which are devoid of any harmful gas emission. Be safe from radiation and pollution while using these lights.

Anti-corrosive Buildup Protects From Weather

Car owners often complain about exterior lights getting damaged after lightning, rain, dust storm and heavy snowfall. When you use the tailgate bar of Aoonuauto, taking the car in standstill water after torrential rainfall, thunderstorm and lightning, extreme blizzard and snowfall and scorching heat will be a piece of cake. The IP65 rating of the clear silicone housing keep the LED Tailgate bar safe from any adversities of weather while being waterproof, scratch proof and dustproof.

Color Coding For Different Operations

While buying car exterior accessories, you will require something that is eye-catching and visible from far away. The LEDs are multicolored and color-coded so that the cars approaching from behind can understand when you hit brakes, take turns or go backward.

Throughout the time you are driving, the multicolor mode can be activated or you can settle for the calming effect of the ice blue light that runs from one taillight to another in a sleek way so that when the boot or truck hood is opened, the light keeps on glowing.

The red light is indicated when you press brakes and white light is when you go in reverse. Yellow light in streamer mode is flashed in the direction where you are taking a turn i.e. from right side to left side when taking left turn and vice versa. Again, the yellow light glows in the streamer mode from middle to both sides at same time and speed when you press double flash.

Easy Installation For Convenience

Attaching the light bar is easy as there is the 3M dual-sided tape and the strong sticker makes sure that the bar with LED lights never falls off. There are pins on the wire ends of the bar that prevents any damage on the car body while keeping the original power flow intact.

There are also truck tailgate red light bars offered by Aoonuauto that works great with Jeep Wranglers and other cars. However, the million color tailgate bar surpasses it in terms of look, safety and usefulness.   

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