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Third Brake Lights Buying Guide

Single Mode Third Brake Light

When braking, high-bright red light; After releasing the brake, there is no light.

Multi Mode Third Brake Light

1. The width lamp is off (Daytime mode)
When braking, the high brake light strip flashing for three times, then turn to high bright red light. After releasing the brake, there is no light.
2. The width lamp is on (Night mode)
The LED brake light bar will keep shining flowing for 8 seconds and then keep low-bight red light.
When braking, the brake light strip will be shining for 2 seconds, then keep high-bight red light.
When driving, the third brake light strip will keep low-bright red light.

In a congested traffic flow, are you worried that the vehicles behind you will not be able to see your braking action?

In heavy rain, snow, and fog, are you worried that the car from behind will not be able to see your brake indicator light through the heavy rain/fog?

If you have the above concerns, it is highly recommended that you install Third Brake Light.

1. This third brake lights are easy to install and does not damage the car.

2. The LED chip emit brighter light than traditional bulbs and have stronger penetrability.

3. It can effectively warn vehicles behind you and reduce the release of rear-end collisions.

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