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Tailgate Light Bars Buying Guide

This is a colorful streamer light strip that is easy to install, but the effect is very surprising. The car tailgate light bar can display a variety of indicator lights, such as: turn signal lights, driving lights, reversing lights, brake lights. The colorful streamer mode can be selected when driving. The dynamic streamer effect makes your car very prominent in the congested traffic flow, which can reduce the probability of rear-end collisions caused by blind spots in the viewing angle. If you like simple driving light effects, you can also use the remote control to switch to ice blue light. The reversing display white light can remind pedestrians behind the car that you are reversing. The turn signal lights are yellow, and the brake lights are red.

This LED tailgate light strip is univeral. Only 12V power supply is required to drive. Suitable for models of any brand.

Million Color Tailgate Light Bars

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