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NISSAN Accessories Buying Guide

LED Door Sill (Hard-wring)

The LED door sill is made of Japanese acrylic base, which is very hard and has high-brightness LED. Every time you open the door, you will see the cool and colorful LED pedal lights. Getting on and off the car in the dark area becomes safer and easier, and it also adds charm to your car. At the same time, you can customize it according to your personal needs, and we will manufacture the products you want according to your car model and year.

LED Door Sill Powered By Battery

If you want to add some fashionable accessories to your car, then AOONUAUTO LED door sill is a good choice. Because it can be customized, you can customize various patterns, text, LOGO, etc., full of personalization. It is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, has an IP67 waterproof rating, and is easy to clean, without worrying about water droplets and mud sticking on it. It has 7 light colors, each of which is very cool and makes your car look very different.

LED Door Logo Projector

This LED door LOGO projector provides additional light to help get on and off the car safely and easily. Ultra-bright lighting output and low power consumption, high definition and bright projection effect, specially designed for automatic modification enthusiasts, will not damage the appearance of the original car, and bring more driving pleasure to the driver.

LED Door Handle Bowl Light

These LED door handle bowl lights are available in a variety of colors, and you can customize them according to your needs. When the inner door handle bowl light is on, you can clearly see the customized LOGO. These luminous door bowl lights make the interior of your car look very elegant and can also provide you with lighting in dark places.

LED Floor Mats

This is a gorgeous and cool LED floor mat. You can customize your exclusive logo on it. The color of the light can be switched remotely, and there is a sound sensor mode, that is, the light flashes with the rhythm of the music. Not only does it make your car look more upscale, but it also provides additional lighting to make passengers more relaxed.

LED Underbody Lights

If you are a car modification enthusiast, you can look at this LED underbody light. It is easy to install and highly durable. It has a variety of colors and modes that you can choose freely. When you turn it on, you can instantly upgrade your car to make it look different.

Interior LED Accent Kit

The interesting and active interior decoration lights are very suitable for soothing your mood and reconciling the emotional atmosphere between the passengers in the car. When you open it, you will find that the interior of your car becomes very beautiful and unique. Whether traveling with friends and family, or carrying passengers, it is very suitable.

Daytime Running Lights

A thin and flexible daytime running light strip that can be installed DIY. No need to disassemble the headlights, and the length of the strip can be cut by yourself. If you want to add daytime running lights to your car, it is a hassle-free choice.

Tailgate Light Bars

This tailgate light bars have a beautiful, unique and eye-catching appearance, which allows you to enjoy higher driving safety and attract the attention of other drivers to ensure safe driving day and night. At the same time, it has good waterproof performance and is not afraid of bad weather such as rain and snow.

Third Brake Lights

The multi-mode third brake light is cooler and more gorgeous than the single mode due to its streamer lighting effect. It is also waterproof and durable. When you brake, you can be clearly seen by people driving in the same direction as you, which greatly improves driving safety.

LED Cup Holders

This is the car LED cup coasters with USB charging. It can work continuously for 15 days. It has a smart chip to prevent damage caused by overcharging. The LOGO on the coaster can be customized to the pattern you want. It has 7 colors and 3 modes to choose from, the light is soft and not glaring, easy to install and operate, and can bring a unique driving experience.

LED Aromatherapy Diffuser

If you want to improve the environment in your car, you can look at this LED aromatherapy diffuser, which has 7 good-smelling scents, and can create a fresh and pleasant environment for your car. It also has 7 soft and beautiful lighting colors to make your journey more perfect.

LED Whip Lights

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then this LED whip lights is not to be missed. It has anti-vibration mechanism and solid bracket so that it can withstand any difficult terrain. IP67 waterproof, can be used in heavy rain or harsh environments. No matter what type of vehicle you drive or where you are driving, you don’t have to worry about its lifespan, just enjoy outdoor life.

Air Fresheners

These aromatherapy boxes are excellent products to eliminate odors and refresh the air. They have a variety of balm types to choose from, and the fragrance they emit is fresh and not pungent. Can create a fresh and elegant atmosphere. In addition, we also provide customized services, you can customize according to your needs.

The Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan. Kaishinsha Motorcar Works was established in Tokyo in 1911, and the first DAT was born three years later. In 1918, it was renamed Kaishinsha Motorcar Co. In 1925, it was renamed DAT Motorcar Co. In 1926, DAT Motorcar Co. merged with the Utility Automobile Manufacturing Company in Osaka. In 1932, DAT Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in Osaka. In 1931, DAT introduced a new small car called Datsun Type 11. This was the first “Datson”, which means Son of DAT. On December 26, 1933, DAT Automobile Manufacturing Co., Lt. and Nippon Sangyo/Japan Industry Co., Ltd. merged. On June 1, 1934, Ayukawa Yoshisuke founded Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

In the age of war, almost all enterprises have to serve the war, and NISSAN is no exception. In 1944, the company changed its name to Nissan Heavy Industries Corp. to produce military trucks for the Japanese army. After the Second World War, in September 1945, the U.S. Command banned the production of cars. At that time, NISSAN only changed its strategy temporarily and developed a truck, which went on sale in 1946 under the name Datsun Truck 1121. After 1947, Nissan gradually embarked on a rapid development track. On the one hand, imported and absorbed a large amount of automobile technology from abroad to develop its own products. On the other hand, It continued to export its own products to overseas markets, and set up factories overseas to achieve localized production. It was renamed Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. on August 1, 1949.

In 1952, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. established a technical cooperation with Austin, UK, and developed the DATSUN 210. Thanks to the success of Datsun 210, it won the championship in the Australian Rally, and at the same time proved its strength to the world’s major car manufacturers and users! In 1957, Nissan Motor conducted rigorous testing of the DATSUN 210 in the United States, and at the same time developed a 1.2-liter engine product to increase its export competitiveness. After a series of analysis and experiments, the Bluebird 310 was born successfully! In 1959, the Bluebird 1000 and Bluebird 1200 were launched nationwide at the same time, becoming the “Rising Stars” in Japan.

In 1966, Nissan Motor publicly solicited car names for the first time in Japanese history, and selected “SUNNY” as the name of the newly developed product from 8.48 million applications. This move by Nissan has not only aroused consumers’ attention to automotive products, but also triggered an upsurge in private car purchases in Japan.

After Bluebird and SUNNY, in more than 30 years of time, Nissan has successively developed multiple series and multiple names of products. Nissan Motor has more than 30 series of products including cars, off-road vehicles, MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) and commercial vehicles worldwide. Among them, cars include VERSA, SYLPHY, Altima, Sunny (SUNNY /SENTRA) and the prestigious Z series, off-road vehicle products include Patrol, Rogue and Qashqai, etc., MPV has QUEST, and commercial vehicle has NV200, CIVILIAN And Nissan Diesel’s series of products, etc.

Nissan has made its case as one of the most prolific automakers in the world by developing stylish, well-rounded vehicles and strong, reliable car parts known for dependability as well as performance. Series after series, each model comes alive in its own way. Nissan is truly a brand that makes its own grade with unrivaled versatility. When it’s your vehicle that is in line for some personal upgrades, you have to strive for detail and superior quality. Making custom changes is a serious responsibility, and AOONUAUTO knows it, that’s why offers high-end, yet stylish Nissan accessories.

Model reference:

100 NX (B13), 180 SX Coupe (S13), 200 SX (S13), 200 SX (S14), 200 SX Coupe, 240 SX, 240SX, 280 ZX,ZXT (HGS130), 300 ZX (Z31), 300 ZX (Z32), 350 Z Coupe (Z33), 350 Z Roadster (Z33), 370 Z Coupe (Z34), 370 Z Roadster (Z34), 370Z, 370Z ROADSTER, AD Van (VB11), AD Van (Y10), AD Van (Y11), AD Van (Y12), AD Wagon, ALMERA (N17), ALMERA Classic (B10), ALMERA I (N15), ALMERA I Hatchback (N15), ALMERA II (N16), ALMERA II Hatchback (N16), ALMERA TINO (V10), ALTIMA (L30), ALTIMA (L31), ALTIMA (L32), ALTIMA (L33), ALTIMA Coupe (CL32), APRIO, ARMADA (TA60), ARMADA (Y62), AUSTER (T12), AVENIR (W10, PW10), AVENIR (W11), BASSARA, BE, BLUEBIRD (910), BLUEBIRD (B610), BLUEBIRD (T72 , T12, U12), BLUEBIRD (U11), BLUEBIRD (U13, U14), BLUEBIRD (U14), BLUEBIRD Hatchback (T72, T12), BLUEBIRD Sedan (910), BLUEBIRD Station Wagon (WU11), BLUEBIRD SYLPHY / SYLPHY III (B17), BLUEBIRD SYLPHY I (G10, N16), BLUEBIRD SYLPHY II (G11), BLUEBIRD Traveller (W910), CEDRIC (Y30), CEDRIC (Y32), CEDRIC (Y33), CEDRIC Hardtop (Y31), CEDRIC Sedan (Y31), CEDRIC X (Y34), CEFIRO I Sedan (A31), CEFIRO II Sedan (A32), CEFIRO III Sedan (A33), CHERRY (E10) I, CHERRY II Coupe (N10), CHERRY II Hatchback (N10), CHERRY II Traveller (VN10), CHERRY III (N12), CHERRY III Sedan (N12), CIMA, CLIPPER VAN (U71W), CREW (K30), CUBE (Z10), CUBE (Z11), CUBE (Z12), DATSUN 100 A (E10, BLF10), DATSUN 100 A Estate (WBLF10), DATSUN 120, DATSUN 120 Y Coupe (KB 210), DATSUN 140 J (710), DATSUN 140 Y Estate (HLB310), DATSUN 160 J (710, A10), DATSUN 180 B (PL810), DATSUN 240 Coupe (C210), DAYZ (B21W), DAYZ ROOX (B21A), ELGRAND (E50), ELGRAND (E51), ELGRAND (E52), EXA Coupe (N12), EXA Targa (N13), EXPERT I (W10), EXPERT II (W11), FAIRLADY Z (Z31), FIGARO Coupe (FK10), FUGA I (Y50), FUGA II (Y51), GLORIA, GLORIA (Y33), GLORIA VIII (Y31), GLORIA XI (Y34), GT-R (R35), HYPERMINI (EA0), INFINITI Q45, JUKE (F15), KICKS (P15), KIX, LAFESTA (B30), LAFESTA (B35), LARGO MPV (W30), LATIO Hatchback, LATIO Sedan, LATIO Sedan (N17), LAUREL, LAUREL (HLC230), LAUREL (JC31), LAUREL (JC32), LEAF (ZE0), LEAF (ZE1), LEOPARD, LEOPARD Coupe, LEOPARD Estate, LEOPARD I (F30), LEOPARD II Coupe (F31), LIVINA / GRAND LIVINA (L10, L11), LUCINO Hatchback, LUCINO Sedan, MAXIMA / MAXIMA QX IV (A32), MAXIMA / MAXIMA QX IV Station Wagon (A32), MAXIMA / MAXIMA QX V (A33), MAXIMA II (PU11), MAXIMA III (J30), MAXIMA VI (A34), MAXIMA VII (A35), MAXIMA VIII (A36), MICRA (K10), MICRA (K12), MICRA C+C III (K12), MICRA I (K10), MICRA II (K11), MICRA III (K12), MICRA IV (K13), MICRA V (K14), MOCO I (MG21S), MOCO II (MG22S), MOCO III (MG33S), MURANO I (Z50), MURANO II (Z51), MURANO II Convertible, MURANO III (Z52), NAVARA (D21), NAVARA (D22), NAVARA Platform/Chassis (D21), NAVARA Platform/Chassis (D22), NAVARA Platform/Chassis (D23), NOTE (E11, NE11), NOTE (E12), NP200, NP300 Cab & Chassis, NP300 NAVARA (D40), NP300 NAVARA Pickup (D23), NP300 NAVARA Platform/Chassis (D40), NP300 PICKUP (D22), NV200 / EVALIA Bus, PAO, PATHFINDER I (WD21), PATHFINDER II (R50), PATHFINDER III (R51), PATHFINDER IV (R52), PATROL GR IV (Y60, GR), PATROL GR IV Platform/Chassis (Y60), PATROL GR V Pickup (Y61), PATROL GR V Platform/Chassis (Y61), PATROL GR V Wagon (Y61), PATROL III/1 Hardtop (K160), PATROL III/1 Platform/Chassis (MQ, MK, GQ), PATROL III/1 Station Wagon (W160), PATROL III/2 Hardtop (K260), PATROL III/2 Station Wagon (W260), PATROL VI (Y62), PICK UP (720), PICK UP (D21), PICK UP (D22), PICK UP (D22G), PINO (HC24), PINTARA Hatchback (U12), PINTARA Sedan (U12), PIXO (UA0), PLATINA, PRAIRIE (M10, NM10), PRAIRIE LIBERTY (M12), PRAIRIE PRO (M11), PRESAGE (U30), PRESAGE (U31), PRESEA, PRESIDENT (JHG50), PRESIDENT (PGF50), PRIMERA (P10), PRIMERA (P11), PRIMERA (P12), PRIMERA Estate (WP12), PRIMERA Hatchback (P10), PRIMERA Hatchback (P11), PRIMERA Hatchback (P12), PRIMERA Traveller (W10), PRIMERA Traveller (WP11), PULSAR Hatchback (C13), PULSAR Hatchback (N15), PULSAR I Sedan (N15), QASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 I (J10, JJ10), QASHQAI +2, QASHQAI II Closed Off-Road Vehicle (J11, J11), QUEST (RE52), QUEST (V40), QUEST (V42), QUEST Mini Passenger Van, RASHEEN, RNESSA (N30), ROGUE, ROOX, SANI Closed Off-Road Vehicle, SENTRA III (B13), SENTRA IV (B14), SENTRA V (B15), SENTRA VI (B16), SENTRA VII (B17), SERENA (C23), SERENA (C24), SERENA (C25), SERENA (C26), SERENA (C27), SILVIA (S110), SILVIA (S12), SILVIA (S15), SKYLINE (R30), SKYLINE (R32), SKYLINE (R33), SKYLINE (R34), SKYLINE (V35), SKYLINE (V36), SKYLINE (V37), SKYLINE Coupe (R32), SKYLINE Coupe (R33), SKYLINE Coupe (R34), SKYLINE Coupe (V35), SKYLINE Coupe (V36), SKYLINE CROSSOVER (J50), SKYLINE Estate (R30), STAGEA (M35), STAGEA (WC34), STANZA (T11), STANZA Hatchback (T11), SUNNY, SUNNY (140Y, 150Y), SUNNY I (B11), SUNNY I Coupe (B11), SUNNY I Traveller (B11), SUNNY II (N13), SUNNY II Coupe (B12), SUNNY II Hatchback (N13), SUNNY II Traveller (B12), SUNNY III (N14), SUNNY III Box (Y10), SUNNY III Coupe, SUNNY III Hatchback (N14), SUNNY III Liftback (N14), SUNNY III Traveller (Y10), SUNNY IV Coupe, SUNNY IV Hatchback, SUNNY IV Sedan (N16), SUNNY Traveller (140Y, 150Y), SYLPHY II Sedan (G15), TEANA I (J31), TEANA II (J32), TEANA III (J33, L33), TERRA (JD23TT), TERRANO (D10), TERRANO I (WD21), TERRANO II (R20), TERRANO II Van (R20), TIIDA Hatchback (C11), TIIDA Hatchback (C11X), TIIDA Hatchback (C12), TIIDA Sedan (SC11), TIIDA Sedan (SC12), TITAN (A60), TITAN (H61), TSURU, TSURU Sedan, TSURU Sedan (B13), VERITA, VERSA I, VERSA II, WINGROAD / AD Wagon (Y10), WINGROAD / AD Wagon (Y11), WINGROAD / AD Wagon (Y12), XTERRA (N50), XTERRA (WD22), X-TRAIL (T30), X-TRAIL (T31), X-TRAIL (T32)

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