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Mini USB LED Ambient Light

Product Description:   


Name: USB Ambient Light
Voltage and current: 5V/0.5-3A
Shell Material: ABS + electronic components
Multicolor USB Light Size: approx. 1*2.8 cm
Single Color USB Lights Size: approx.20*15*8mm
Weight: approx.3.5g
Light color: blue, ice blue, purple, red, white, yellow, green
Plug Interface: general USB interface


Easy to Carry: Mini USB LED Light, Car Ambient Light, Neon Interior Light. Ultra-small size, only fingertip size, Light weight, you can carry it with you to go anywhere.

Power Saver: Auxiliary night illumination, accurately display the location of the USB port. Universal USB interface because it has no pollution, no noise.

Available Colours: It has 7 light different colors you can choose. One light one color. (Light color: blue, ice blue, green, white, orange, red, pink.)

Where to use: It can be used in cars, laptops, charging treasures, etc.

The multicolor USB light has 7 light colors, can be changed colors according to music rhythm. Increase the atmosphere of work and leisure. Create a comfortable environment.
The multicolor USB light function:
1. Keep touching the top copper can adjust the brightness of the lights
2. Touch the top copper can change different colors (blue, ice blue, purple, red, white, yellow, green.)
3. The colors can be changed according to the music rhythm

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