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LED Work Lights Buying Guide

AoonuAuto LED pod light and LED light bar are carefully selected high-quality LED auxiliary lights. Their installation position and the adjustable lighting angle have a certain degree of flexibility, providing additional lighting for the car in all-round.

Solid LED lamp beads have great advantages in shock. If you often drive on rugged roads, led lights have a longer service life than incandescent lamps. The sturdy shell and its waterproof performance make it resistant to impact, whipping, wind and rain. These off-road lights are the preferred auxiliary lights for traversing mountains and ridges.

These LED work light can be widely applied to Jeeps, 4×4, ATV, UTV, SUV, truck, cars motorcycles, pick-up, van, camper, road buggy, sand rail, trains, bus, tanks, etc. It also can be installed on boat, yacht, skiff, freighter, and ship to enhance the illuminating brightness of the voyage. And it is suitable for trailer, forklift, excavator, dozer, road roller, crane, tractor, harvester, grain drill, mower, snowplow, fire engine, rescue vehicle, camping, mining, construction and another outdoor lighting. Besides, You can also use for household lighting such as garden, backyard, garage, and indoor lighting. (Note: Use a voltage transformer/converter to convert the AC 110-120V to DC 12V for indoor use).

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