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LED Underbody Lights RF Remote Control

Product Description:

Remote control LED strip lamp
Voltage DC: 12V
Power interface: DC line With insurance tube/Cigarette lighter interface
Materials: LED Chip set + Silicone Housing
Light colors: red, green, blue, white, yellow, cyan, purple, orange
IP rating: IP65

LED type: SMD5050 180LED
Light strip size: 60cm*2 + 90cm*2
Wire size: 1.8M*2+2.5M*2
LED type: SMD5050 252LED
Light strip size: 90cm*2+120cm*2
Wire size: 1.8M*2+2.5M*2

Including Package:
4 LED light strips
1 x remote control
1 x music and RF control box
1 x Cigarette lighter interface cable
1 x DC wire with insurance tube
1 x specification booklet

Control function:
8 Monochrome mode: red, green, blue, white, yellow, cyan, purple, orange
4 lighting effects switching mode
2 dual mode control
2 fade mode control
4 music control mode



Multiple switchable lighting modes & RF remote control: You can change 8 colours by remote control. Different colours suitable for different atmosphere can be switched freely according to the mood. Sound sensing modes that the lights flashed with the rhythm of the music. The LED Underbody lights are working with Music Sensor helps in colour changing according to music rhythm. It’s so cool when you drive on the open road and the body light luminous. 

Comfortable: Make your trip Cool with lighting atmosphere, let the car interior more gorgeous and romantic. Enjoy your drive with Family, Friends and Kids and the Lovers to enjoy with more happiness. The lights sync to music could comfort our heart and relax after a day of work. The lights make the journey as a fun party and never get bored.

Quality: High brightness music LED, waterproof, anti-corrosion, resists wear and tear, not afraid of scratching, Flexible. The bright led beads give you enough light under the vehicle in the darkness. 

Suitable Car Model: Fit in all cars, SUV, vans, trucks with DC 12V power supply.

Installation Process:

The LED underbody light strip is equipped with 3M double sided adhesive tapes with strong sticker, which can be installed by sticking. The sticking effect is very good, and it will not move or slip after installation of the light bar will serve you and your car well. The wire ends of our third brake lights are designed with pins, supplying for non-destructive installation without breaking the original power.

  • Please note the direction when connecting the strip light to the car charger.
  • The remote should point to the box with the receiver.
  • Please remove the battery cover before using the remote.
  • The sensor has to be put on or near the speaker.

After Sales Services: 

If you find any problem, contact us, our customer service team will give valuable service to you. 



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