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LED Floor Mats Porsche

Product Description:


RF remote control LED floor mats
Voltage: 12V
Current: less than 0.5A
Color: red, green, blue, white, yellow, cyan, purple, orange, etc
Waterproof rating: IP67
Acrylic LED Foot Mats Material: Japanese Acrylic + High brightness LED
Stainless Steel LED Foot Mats Material: Stainless steel + Japanese Acrylic + High brightness LED
Interface type: Cigarette lighter interface
Front seat foot pads size (Length * width): 38cm*24cm
Rear seat foot pads size (Length * width): 38cm*26cm

Customization Steps:

  1. If you have any special requirement (such as size/ logo/style/ car model and year).

note: We make the product with the exact size based on your car model and year. 

  1. Please contact our customer service for consultation. 
  2. After confirmation, we will arrange your production and ship the product to you.



Multiple switchable lighting modes & RF remote control: You can change the colours by a remote control easily. You can change 8 colours and 4 lighting modes by remote control. Sound sensing modes that the lights flashed with the rhythm of the music. The light of the LED floor mats are even and soft.

Comfortable: Make your trip Cool with lighting atmosphere, let the car interior more gorgeous and romantic. Enjoy your drive with more happiness.

Quality: Japanese Acrylic and high brightness LED, waterproof, anti-corrosion, resists wear and tear, not afraid of scratching. The bright led beads give you enough light to get in and out of the vehicle in the darkness also improving the safety factor.

Suitable Car Model: Fit in all cars, SUV, vans, trucks with DC 12V power supply.


Installation Process:

All brand Car models have different shape and size which have different way to install. Acrylic  3M double-sided tapes on the back of the Foot Pads which can be directly attached and fixed on the floor in front of the seat. Plug and play; plug in the cigarette lighter interface to connect the power without modifying the circuit. The back of the foot mat is equipped with 3M double adhesive tapes, which can be installed by sticking. The sticking effect is very good, and it will not move or slip after installation of the Floor Mats will serve you and your car well. You can refer to this installation video. 

Control function:
8 kinds of light colors (red, green, blue, white, yellow, cyan, purple, orange)
8 Monochrome modes
3 colors jump mode
7 colors jump mode
3 colors breath mode
7 colors switch-over mode
4 Music Sensor Modes

Pay attention:
1. AoonuAuto LED Floor Mats are not OEM Floor Mat (not factory Floor Mat). We just customize more car accessories for your vehicle to make it more attractive. 

  1. We are following carrier’s shipping policy, AoonuAuto floor mats will send by two different packages. If you receive one package first, which means the second package will arrive soon, please don’t worry and wait for the second package.


Package List:
1) Front seat 2 pieces:
2 X LED floor mats
1 X remote control
1 X sound sensor RF control box with wires
2) Front/Rear seat 4 pieces:
4 X LED floor mats
1 X remote control
1 X sound sensor RF control box with wires


After Sales Services: 

1.If there is not a quality problem or a manufacturer’s problem, it does not comes under refund policy so please confirm the specific model, size and logo style before placing the order.

  1. We provide 1-month replacement and 1-year warranty policy, which is not applicable to human damage and other subjective factors.
  2. If you find any problem, contact us, our customer service team will give valuable service to you. 


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