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LED Flag Pole Whips With APP Bluetooth Control And Remote Control RGB Lighted Antenna 360 Degree Spiral – Premium Version


Operating Voltage: DC 12V
LED Strips: Chasing 5050SMD Epoxy, Fully Wrapped Led
Luminous Angle: 360-Degree Glowing Spiral Illumination
LED Quantity: 3FT/180PCS, 4FT/240PCS, 5FT/300PCS, 6FT/375PCS
Tube: Flexible PC & Carbon Fiber Stronger Tube and Anti-Collision Metal Cap
Base: 6063 Aviation Aluminum and Black Longer Quick Disconnect
Control Box: Built-out
Accessories: Standard Square Flag + Flag Hook + Dustproof Cap
Waterproof Grade: IP67
Warranty: 12 Months
Color Model: Chasing Function with 300 Colors * 200 Patterns
Bluetooth Control Includes Music Sync, Sound Sync, Timing and So On.                                 Bluetooth Pair with Turning and Brake Function.

Including Package:
1 x LED flagpole whip light
1 x Remote control (APP no remote control)
1 x Flag
1 x Quick connect/disconnect mounting base
1 x Black dustproof cap



Quality Material: The light strip adopts the fully wrapped light strip (the surface of the light strip is covered with waterproof silicone and then blister with a thermoplastic tube). The lamp tube is an explosion-proof tube. The hat on the top of the light pole has been upgraded to a crash-proof metal cap. The quick-connect and disconnect base is spring-loaded. The wiring is led out from the bottom, not from the side, and the cable length is 3 meters, with a waterproof cap. These designs make the flagpole lamp more shockproof and impact resistant

Extraordinary look: You can change 300 colours and 200 different lighting modes. Colourful bright lights make your vehicle stand out. The LED flagpole whip can also illuminate the surrounding environment, giving you a sense of security makes you visible even in the worst conditions. 

Long Life: The LED whip lights service life is more than 50,000 hours.

Fearless: LED whip light is saves energy with no pollution, no noise, no electronic interference and uniform light emission. 

Indicator: It can be used as a signal light, warning light and chase light to let people around you know exactly where you are.

3 modes of Remote control: There are two remote control schemes. You can choose the radio frequency remote control, or you can choose the radio frequency remote control and mobile APP Bluetooth remote control dual control. The remote control method is very simple and easy to understand, you can quickly adjust the light mode and different colours you want. You can adjust the lighting effect anytime, anywhere. You can even control multiple units with one remote.

Fitting: Suitable for truck, UTV, ATV, RZR, Can-am, Dune Buggy, Sand Rail, Jeep, Four Wheeler, kart, motorcycle, industrial equipment and other equipment.


Installation Process:

Aoonuauto LED whip can be installed anywhere you think fit on the suggested models, so no matter what brand and model you drive, you will definitely find the most suitable position. 

More Upgrade Parts (If you need them or know more, you can directly click on them to enter the product page):
LED Whip light Mount Bracket – Click it


1. We customize more car accessories for your vehicle to make it more attractive. 

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After Sales Services: 

  1. We provide 1-month replacement and 1-year warranty policy, covering material and manufacturer’s defects, not applicable to human damage and other subjective factors.
  2. If you find any problem, contact us, our customer service team will give valuable service to you. 


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