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LED Door Handle Bowl Light Buying Guide

The door handle bowl lamp can well let you recognize the position of the car inner door handle in the dark. The AOONU acrylic door handle bowl LED light is exclusively developed and unique to the entire network. It is a customizable car door handle door bowl atmosphere light. We design the luminous door handle bowl trim according to the size, shape, and logo you provide. The material of the door bowl lamp is acrylic and led chip. LED chips are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than traditional light bulbs, and emit brighter light. Acrylic has a good light transmittance, it can transmit light uniformly and unimpeded. After you install this door bowl lamp, you can see a glowed lighting and a logo dedicated to your car brand or your personal customized logo at the door bowl. Every time you need to open the car door, your can easily find the door handle. Every time you passengers open the car door, your passengers can see the iconic logo above.

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