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Daytime Running Light Guide

Day Time Running Lights (DRLs) are one of the most popular lights and with Aoonuauto it becomes more fantastic and reliable. It actually gives a whole new look of your vehicle. The DRLs are bright lights that can be visible from a far distance and as a result, it helps to avoid accidents in the day time especially.

DRLs ensures Safety

Although, daytime running lights were invented to avoid road accidents and ensure safer roads to all drivers. With certain different laws in every country, these lights are compulsory to install or it’s pre installed from the brand you owe.

The biggest concern for many drivers is the brightness of DRLs. However these lights are the boon for drivers who are driving in the day time and due to sunlight the blind spot for drivers is the common problem, it means the drivers can’t see clearly a vehicle coming from the front. In this case, DRLs plays its role to aware the drivers and avoid the possibility of an accident. These LEDs will suddenly glow your mind from the front that a vehicle is coming and you get time to drive it accordingly.

It just not only add glamor to your vehicle it also adds safety and with safety these lights ensure a safe journey wherever you go. These lights are the brightest LEDs used in cars and to aware and avoid an accident, these LEDs are uniquely set up near the projector lamp. More than a look always considers safety first.

Mostly in the day time, most of the drivers didn’t notice the cars and with the required illumination, it happens. Therefore, Aoonuauto’s Day Time Running Lights are built with the best in quality and equipped with the latest features.

Lets’ highlight on a few qualities of Aoonuauto’s DRLs:

  • These lights can run up to 50000 hours
  • It is IP 67 certified which means it is water resistance
  • It comes in many colors including white, amber, yellow and many more
  • These LED lights consume lesser power and save the environment
  • The light source adopts advanced constant current control technology
  • It eliminates poor visibility and improves the recognition of your vehicle
  • It glam up your vehicle along with the main projector lamp
  • Aoonuauto’s DRLs comes with 12V

There are many other features that come up with this light, these lights are the most fascinating, attractive & good looking lights currently available at the online store of Aoonuauto. It makes your car bolder look from the front and clearly makes a strong presence of your car.  These lights do not only look good it is also one of the most durable lights one can buy.

Not only this, these DRLs even worked with extreme hot or cold temperatures from -40 to 60 degrees, which ensures you get the most out of it in any climatic conditions. Aoonuauto has developed lights using the latest technology which ensures a long-lasting performance of car accessories.

The lights are made with the highest-quality LED materials used in the industry, Aoonuauto assures each product meet with the standard set by the automotive norms which enhances the performances. The brand is one of the best-emerging brands in the car accessories industry, and with its latest product including DRLs it exceptionally took out the best for its consumers.

Below table represent the best DRLs options with different car brands, models & year.  Lets have a look.

Brand Model Year
Audi daytime running light Q7 2006-2009
Buick daytime running light bulb Envision 2018-2019
Encore 2012-2015
Chevrolet daytime running light Cavalier 2016-2017
Cruze 2009-2013
Trax 2016-2018
Ford LED daytime running light kuga 2013-2016
Explorer 2016-2018
Edge 2009-2014
Raptor F150 2016-2018
Fusion Mondeo 2013-2016
Focus Turn Signal Lamp 2015-2017
Focus ST-Line 2018-2019
Focus 2012-2015
RANGER 2018-2019
RANGER 2015-2016
Hyundai daytime running light Accent 2017-2019
Accent 2012-2014
Upgraded Verna 2017-2018
Verna 2017-2018
Elantra 2016-2018
Encino 2018-2019
I20 2018-2019
Grand I10 2017-2018
Honda daytime running light Fog lights CRV 2017-2018
Turn Signal Lamp CRV  2017-2018
Turn Signal Lamp CRV 2012-2013
BRIO 2016-2017
High & Medium Configuration CRV  2017-2018
City 2017-2018
City 2015-2017
AMAZE 2018-2019
HR-V  2014-2017
HR-V  2018-2019
Jeep LED daytime running light Cherokee daytime running light 2019
Compass 2017-2019
KIA LED daytime running light KX5 2016-2017
SPORTAGE R 2018-2019
PEGAS 2018-2019
KX5 2019
KX CROSS 2017-2018
K5 2013-2015
K2 & KIA RIO 2017-2018
Mazda daytime running light Original Version (DRL) Turn Signal Lamp With Bracket Frame CX-5 & CX-8 2017-2019
Original Version (DRL) Turn Signal Lamp CX-5 & CX-8 2017-2019
DRLs Turn Signal Lamp With Bracket Frame CX-5 & CX-8  2017-2019
DRLs Turn Signal Lamp CX-5 & CX-8 2017-2019 2017-2019
CX-4 2016-2017
CX-5 2012-2016
CX-3 2016-2017
Atenza 2017-2018
Mitsubishi daytime running light Pajero Sport 2015-2016
Fog Lamp Pajero Sport 2015-2016
Turn Signal Lamp Pajero Sport 2015-2016
 Turn Signal Lamp Pajero Sport 2013-2015
Mitsubishi ASX 2016-2017
Mercedes-Benz daytime running light V-Class V260
Nissan LED daytime running light Kicks 2017-2019
Nissan X-Trail 2017-2019
Suzuki daytime running light DZIRE 2017-2018
Ertiga 2018-2019
Swift 2018-2019
Forester 2013-2016
Toyota daytime running lamp Yaris 2017-2018
Reiz Mark X 2013-2018
Reiz Mark X 2004-2009
Camry 2015-2017
Camry SE XSE 2018
Highlander 2018-2019
Hiace 2014-2018
Hilux REVO VIGO 2018
Hilux REVO VIGO 2015-2016
Prado Land Cruiser 2700 4000 FJ150 LC150 2017-2019
RUSH 2018-2019
RAV4 2019
RAV4 2016-2017
Fortuner 2015-2019
Volkswagen daytime running lamp Sagitar 2019
Sagitar 2016-2018
Polo 2014-2018
Volvo daytime running light bulb XC60 2018-2019
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