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Car Door Frame Decorative Light Bars

Product Description:   


Infrared wireless remote control LED strip lamp
Voltage DC: 12V
Light strip size: 150cm*2
Power interface: Cigarette lighter interface
Materials: LED Chip set + Silicone Housing
Waterproof: IP65
Light colors: red, green, blue, white, yellow, ice blue, purple, pink

Including Package:
2 x LED light strips
1 x remote control

Customization Steps:

  1. Please contact our customer service for consultation. 
  2. After confirmation, we will arrange your production and ship the product to you.


Infrared Wireless Remote Control: Give your car a comfortable atmosphere and you can change There are more than 15+ modes. Such as, 8 monochrome modes(red, green, blue, white, yellow, ice blue, purple, pink), multiple colour streamer modes, multiple colour scroll modes, flashing modes, It creates a cheerful and comfortable car interior ambiance and makes your life enjoyable.

Quality: High brightness LED, waterproof, flexibility, anti-corrosion, not afraid of scratching. When the LED strips are turned on, the side of the car has a very beautiful lighting effect. The lighting is very soft, many lighting effect modes to choose from. Other vehicle drivers can also see your car clearly from the side of your body, It also improves the safety factor in darkness.

Comfortable: Make your trip Cool with lighting atmosphere, ambient is suitable for gathering with family and friends in the wild, let the car interior more gorgeous and romantic. Enjoy your drive with more happiness.

Suitable Vehicle Model: Fit in all varieties of cars, SUV, vans, trucks, etc.

Installation Process:

You can easily to install the LED lights with a 3M Double-sided adhesive straps on the back. Don’t need to drilling or rewiring. You just Plug and play; plug in the cigarette lighter interface to connect the power without modifying the circuit. This can be installed by sticking.

1. The remote should point to the box with the receiver.
2. Please remove the battery cover before using the remote.

After Sales Services: 

  1. AoonuAuto is now focusing on more car lighting accessories and devote to providing the unique experience of car traveling. We just customize more car accessories for your vehicle to make it more attractive. Your satisfaction is our utmost concern.
  2. If you find any problem, contact us, our customer service team will give valuable service to you. 
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