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Your Car, Your Syle! — Installing Car Light LED Logo Projector!

If you’re looking for something special to set your car apart in the crowd, you should consider custom logo car door LED projectors. Every time when you car door opens, the LED door projector makes your car unique & shining!  

In this article I’m going to show you how to install the car door logo lights projector housing into your car inner door panels!
Step 1: Remove the door panel from the car. To do this you must remove the trim silver trim piece on the door pull, and the black plastic trim piece behind the door handle. Also you need to remove the window switch/power locks trim piece. Then you will need to use an extension and a socket to remove the bolts behind the cover panels as below:   remove the car door panel Step 2: From underneath, pull on the plastic door panel to release the push-pin type clips that hold the door panel onto the car. There are about 8 little plastic clips around the perimeter of the panel, take the panel off and set it onto a flat surface so you can work on the back side of it: Tug on the door panel to release the clips, then lay the panel down Step 3: Unpack the LED car Lighting Logo Projector kit box and use the collar-ring to find a suitable place on the inside of the door panel where the projector will fit. Then use the supplied hole saw and drill a hole:  
Step 4: Now that the hole is drilled, slide the projector both and wiring into the hole, and use the collar-ring over it and tighten it so it does not move and it sits almost flush with the door panel. Before you fully tighten up the projector and the collar ring, hook it up to 12v to test the light and make sure the orientation looks good on the ground with the door open.  The last step is to secure the projector and run the wiring
Step 5: Lastly, you will have to wire up the projector to either an external switch or the door pin trigger wire. To wire the projector up to a switch simply run the two small wires (red and black) through the rubber door boot and into the car. To wire the projector to the door pin trigger, first wire the red positive wire up to constant +12v, which can be found at the power door locks wire connector. Then, run a ground wire into the car and connect it to the black wire on the projector. You can connect the ground wire to the door pin trigger which is covered by a little rubber boot inside the inner door frame. If you don’t understand how to do the wiring please seek professional help at your local install shop, or find some guide on Youtube e.g. Camaro 2ss 6 Led door Logo Projector Install Instruction. Enjoy your new car lights! Show Your Style! Find and buy your car logo door LED projector lights cool here: Audi logo , BMW logo , whatever Custom Logo
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