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X-Mas Surprise- Gift Your Dad a Car Roof light

Christmas is just around the corner, with all excitement you must have planned some surprise for your dad but do you know gifting car roof light can be one of the best gifts he will admire.

A dad is someone who must have been your Santa since your childhood. He should have been your well-wisher, who spreads happiness wrapped in the form of gifts and surprises every Christmas. Now it is your turn to reciprocate, therefore we at Aoonuauto have a great range of accessories for you to choose from, as a Christmas gift which can be so innovative and unique.

25th December isn’t far and there is a lot to explore at Aoonuauto, that you can surf through to surprise your father with elegant car interior accessories this year. One of the most brilliant gift ideas for Christmas can be Aoonuauto’s amazing car roof ambient light, which can create that merry and fun look inside the car with those little bright stars twinkling through the ceiling.

Let us throw some ‘starry light’ on other important features of this gorgeous accessory which makes it a perfect gift idea for this Christmas:

The starry sky can be created in car, homes, or shops too

  • Though primarily it is a car accessory that functions as an ambient light for car roof, yet you can innovate with it and even get it installed in minutes in your children’s room too, to give them an absolute Christmas feel.
  • You even could install them in your shop so that you greet your customers with a heavenly and joyous atmosphere and accentuate the polarity of the moment, thus giving them a galaxy view.

Experience different modes and colors as you drive through the night

  • The stars are so gorgeous, bright and subtle that they create an assuasive effect inside, in the breathing mode, this car interior roof light radiates with red and blue color which changes alternatively.

  • In the flashlight mode, this accessory flashes red and blue color stars alternatively, appearing as an X-MAS tree on wheels.
  • In the music mode, the colors will flash with the music rhythm. So, imagine how beautiful it can get if you play, Jingle Bells in your music system and let your dad sing it at the top of his pitch under his starlit that you gift him in the form of starry night projector.

Give him this accessory to save his time and effort on Installation

  • Why give you dad anything complex? When you can gift him this starry sky of his own which needs no analyzable installation.

  • This ancillary requires a complete DIY upgrade and can be done easily without rewiring, as this has a USB interface, using a 3M double tape it can be located in the armrest box.

If you wish to gift your dad a whole Christmas package then just surf through Aoonuauto’s accent kit gift hampers you can present your loved ones with. In this deal, you get a discount bonanza of around 30 % off on the actual price of this accessory.

This car roof light will not just intensify the visual aspect of your car but also help you have a relaxed mind and make you feel rejuvenated because of the pacifying ambiance that it creates. Certainly, witnessing this upgrade in your father’s car will give you contentment as he would smile from the bottom of his heart!

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