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Why Third Brake Lights is Important in Car and How Manual Transmission Work

If you always thought that third-brake lights are merely used for their aesthetic appeal then you need to wonder again. Many studies have also shown that since these third brake lights when put on a higher level (than they generally are at) in a wide rectangular pattern, it increases visibility and warns the vehicle at the back much in advance to break its speed and ease-down.

Aoonuauto has also found the deep truth in such studies and has encouraged the use of third brake lights among all the car users.  This installation will not only mean accessorizing your vehicle but will give you abundant security as an added benefit. So it can be said that installing third brake lights in your car is extremely vital for a hassle-free trip anywhere and anytime.

Safety Concerns

Some accidents are caused by others even when you have been extra careful while driving. Imagine, what if another vehicle that’s ahead of you suddenly pulls a brake and this would be so unfortunate to lose your safety even after being so careful.


This particular car brake light is installed at a much higher level, at the back and top of the vehicle which is easily noticeable by the drivers as compared to the conventional tail-light brakes. This positioning of the brake light reduces all the risks of driving especially on highways/expressways when you are running on full speed.

Aoonuauto’s Third Brake Lights

  • Single-mode

This brake light comes with an LED light strip that is a 200cm wire, with LED chipset and silicone housing. The material is purely water-resistant and is beaming red to create a soothing and alerting sign to the vehicles approaching behind you. So, a single-mode third brake light is a one that is the most traditional looking brake light but the type that you will find here with us is surely a class apart more chic in its appearance.

  • Multimode

This type of brake light is a novel concept and adds a different style to your cars. Breaking the monotony of a single mode, while applying the brakes, the high brake light strip will flash for three times and then will become stable. So this is an added feature in multi-mode third brake light that it is extra-safe as it signals the following vehicle about applying brakes well in time.

Well, let’s throw some light on how manual transmission works in a vehicle:

If you are driving a manually operated car then it would be interesting to have an overview of how manual transmissions work. It is basically about how the gears shift and how they transmit your vehicle from unmoved to moved.

  • So it works when the synchronizing collar is tangled with the first gear of the car and then the gear is sturdily joined with the output shaft. This mechanism makes the vehicle come in gear.
  • Now giving a slight acceleration and taking the foot off the clutch (slowly and steadily) will help the clutch associate to the power and the transmission gear-case.
  • After this movement on the first gear, though you might want to go higher in speed, it cannot happen because gear ratio is a tricky thing and it makes output at first gear at a limited speed only.
  • If in a manual transmission first gear is fiddled much with, then it might stress the motor unnecessarily.

Therefore, this is how it works followed by second gear to speed up and then reaching other levels of gearing as need while maintaining a proper gear ratio as required.

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