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Why there’s a Need for APP Controlled Underbody Lights in Cars?

Underbody light system is primarily meant for embellishing your vehicle with beauty, style and unique charm of its own. However, the variant called APP controlled lighting is more advanced and worth a fix in your cars for that convenient drive.

Underbody lights in cars are a gorgeous set of accessories that have been gaining popularity among people who like to be adventurous and showcase flamboyance. Also, these accessories bring added measures to enhance the over-all safety of the vehicle while on a drive. The car underbody lights shine so brightly under the vehicle that they create a colorful appearance circumscribing the car in question. This makes the car look alluring and exceptional on the road as compared to other vehicles.

The APP controlled lights and how they work

  • The new APP controlled lights that are a beautiful fixture for the car underbody is available at AoonuAuto with surprising and exciting features. They are unlike the standard remote-controlled underbody lights which are also available at their car online store.
  • These lights work at the 12V voltage and are available in three-strip sizes that have respective model names YZ-025, YZ-026 and YZ-027 (in the increasing order of the size) which can be purchased according to the car’s requirements.

Functions of APP-controlled lighting

  • Once you buy the package of car LED underglow lights you will get a unique QR code on the control box and from there you can download the APP for controlling the lights of the underbody kit.
  • The APP control can then be connected with the Bluetooth to access the 210 varied and dynamic color modes. There are innumerable choices of modes to choose from like jumper modes, monochrome, mix and match, breathe modes, music sensing modes where you can enjoy the colorful lights according to the beats of the music.
  • The best part is that one doesn’t need to carry the special tool to play with lighting, rather it becomes so handy to use the application in one’s phone to access various modes of color lighting anytime. No hassle to find out the remote to change it, just pass the phone to your fellow passengers (your loved ones) to access the APP while you can focus on driving.

Easy Installation and Added safety measure

  • It is very easy to install this beautiful auxiliary in your cars which stick easily with the double adhesive tape look seamless. Moreover, these car exterior accessories are waterproof, so don’t worry about going through puddles and the splashing waters on a road trip, as the fixture will remain at its place.
  • The wonderful colors ensure a bright and effervescent show of light during the night which brings added safety to the vehicles. Your car would stand out so colorfully that it would be especially applauded by all bigger vehicles like trucks and SUVs. So, safety is an add-on because mostly the vehicles are speeding high during the night and having a unique presence on the road will make the journey safe than ever.

AoonuAuto has picked the best suppliers for buying these accessories which will render a custom-made look to your dear four-wheels which will make many people look at your car just one more time. This APP controlled system of lights is so convenient and efficient to use that it will prove to be the best underglow kit for the car.

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