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Why every driver should consider LED Floor mats safety in car

Treading on dirt and entering the car sounds as awful as smelling that foul odor afterwards while you are driving or traveling in the car. Floor carpets inside the car are quite common as these are built-in accessories, but in terms of keeping the interior free of mildew, moisture, dirt and smell, these will not suffice. To make sure that your car feels cozy and smells fresh, floor mats from Aoonu Auto will be the best choices, thanks to their customized designs with LED car interior accessories.

Advantages Of Adding LED Floor Mats

Before discussing about the advantages of installing LED mats, you should know that the floor mats from Aoonu Auto can be easily customized according to your choice of logo and letters. Also available in different branded designs, the custom fit floor mats can be purchased either in pack of two for front or back seats, or in pack of four for the entire car. The advantages include –

  • Easy To Clean

The stainless steel layer of the mats on the Japanese acrylic surface is certified as waterproof with IP67 rating. Therefore, you can easily take these out after a few days and clean these. Being dustproof, you can even use vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust, debris, crusts and crumbs from the mats.

  • Easy To Install

The LED floor mats have double-sided 3M adhesive tape on the back side so that you can easily and firmly stick them on the floor or the existing floor carpet. There is no need of wiring as it can be directly attached in front of each seat. Just plug in to the cigarette lighter interface and it will lighten up.

  • No Smell In Bad Weather

In rainy, snowy or moist weather the accumulation of mildew, moisture and rainwater can remain soaked in the floor mats for long time, causing foul smell with the spread of bacteria. That is not the case with LED mats as there is no space between the floor and the mat surface, therefore no moisture can reside within.

  • Collects Dirt, Spilled Elements

The car floor mats will be great options to wipe your shoes after entering the car from outdoors. This will not only keep the main floor clean from dirt but also indirectly prevents the smell. Even if you end up spilling your food remains or beverage, these mats will collect any foreign elements within the mat to keep the rest of the floor clean and hygienic.

  • Soft And Even Under Feet

The custom car floor mats are made of smooth and even acrylic and stainless steel materials, both of which never feel coarse or uneven under the feet. This will not only prevent you from slipping but also make way for smooth treading inside the car.

  • Adjustable Light Modes

Eight lights namely yellow, blue, green, red, white, cyan, orange and purple along with multiple mobile Bluetooth-controlled control modes can be adjusted. There are eight monochrome, seven-color and three-color jump, seven-color switch-over, three-breath modes along with four music sensor modes that can be controlled

  • Increases Selling Price

The best car floor mats can add a different look to the car interior. As most vehicles out there come only with a worn-out or dirty car floor carpets, the floor mats can be washed accordingly. With this additional feature, the selling price of the car will increase.

While the conventional carpets often give out unpleasant smells after prolonged use or in moist weather, the LED mats remain clean and add a style statement to the car. Driving in dark or traveling without interior lights will no longer bother you when the LEDs of the floor mats glow.

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