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When Day Time Running Lights Were First Introduced & its Role?

The research has brought out that a reduction in vehicle collisions was reported as early as the mid-1960s in studies of some US companies who introduced the usage of these lights in their fleets. In fact for a study, some automotive models were modified and later successfully saw 18% fewer collisions than before.

Then, Scandinavian countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Canada, and Hungary) were among the first to make the use of these Daytime running lights as mandatory. These northern countries have minimal sunlight (if at all) and stay dark even during the daytime. Thus, makes difficult to clearly identify other vehicles on the road.


It was observed that lights were not only needed to look see the road clear but to see the other vehicles. Especially if the ambient illumination is so low in the early morning, dusk time, or any overcast atmospheric conditions like snow and rain which can create camouflage of the vehicles with the surroundings. This intricacy of identifying the vehicles, it became crucial to make every automotive upgrade with Daytime running lights kit.

Gradually, it got immense popularity at the kick-start of this millennium, across the globe and started to get installed in luxurious vehicles. From there on, it never looked back and in present, it comes by default into many popular brands and models. While in those cars, where it is not installed, they can be easily upgraded in a good car accessory store.

Role of a Daylight Running Light:

  • Highlights your vehicle on the road

Its main feature is not to illumine the road ahead; rather it just sets your vehicle apart by making it clearly contrast from the background it is moving on. Once the visibility of your car increases at the same time the risks of collision decreases.

  • A cool option for road trips

Once it is upgraded in your automotive these LED daytime running light strips become extremely useful for your road trips. Since, being on a new road and place, it can help you combat risks of accidents under overcasting weather conditions like torrential rains and snow.

  • Great help for pedestrians and animals

The innocent animals sometimes cannot make out the approaching vehicle and crossroads which may lead to fatal accidents. Thus, DRL s actually enables the animals as well as pedestrians to explicitly identify the approaching vehicle and this way crossing the road is much easier and safer.

Aoonuauto also offers this amazing accessory online, the one that is made of extremely flexible and high-quality material. The LED lamp type is piercing bright and subtle that doesn’t distract view if glared from the rearview mirror of the car moving ahead. Therefore, it enables a trouble-free experience.

These LED daytime running lights for cars are highly effective in their performance and ensure a stable running for a longer time because it is packed with IP 65 water-resistant capacity and also comes with 3M adhesive backing. These lights come in million color and dual combinations which can be installed according to the user’s choice of mode- sensor, flashing, gradient, etc.

Having a great utility and significance these lights rightly became popular for the benefit of the users and their usage should further also be encouraged because they have changed the whole scenario of driving under all weather conditions.

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