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What Is The Purpose of An LED Third Brake Light?

It is easier to understand the importance of third brake lights with an analogy that can be drawn with saving money. Why do we need savings? For a better future and for the time of crisis. Similar is the case with the installation of running brake lightsa prospective smooth drive and ignoring the trouble time. All cars have brake lights but not the third brake lights except for the new models in some of SUVs, Sedans and luxurious cars. In today’s rush hour, it is crucial to upgrade your cars with third brake lights to ensure better safety when on roads.

Aoonuauto has a wide range of car accessories out of which the utility of third brake lights is unique and fruitful. It is important to learn about these lights to further know about its purpose:


Clearly Indicative

These lights are so intense and clear when installing at the rear. They light up in bright red when the brakes are applied. So a driver who is behind learning clearly about the gesture you are trying to make and applies the brakes in time thinking about the approaching obstacle.

Cool looks and Fruitful upgrade

The bright LED third brake light strip comes in single-mode and multi-mode at Aoonuauto. The single-mode, as the name says is lit bright red at the rear top, while the multi-mode is more spontaneous and visible.

When the brakes are applied the multi-mode light strip first turns light red for 2 seconds and then continues to gleam bright red for 8 seconds. This chic accessory adds a load of cool factor to your car and makes it look quite charming in its appeal.

Added advantage on highway drives

When driving on a highway, these car brake lights are so useful, especially at night time. The vehicles are speeding so high and if suddenly a brake is applied then it might cause accidents. So, it is best to equip your dear vehicles with third brake lights to avoid such chances of any road mishaps.

No meddling up with the circuit

The accessories like lights are usually not circuit friendly, but Aoonuauto ensures you that the installation of third brake lights is going to be a non-destructive one in nature. No drilling is required; there is only a need to connect the correct wires to each Red, black and white-colored ones. Moreover, the light strip comes with 3M adhesive tape for a handy and permanent fixture.

Environmental Friendly

This waterproof LED strip of car brake lights with silicone housing is a great option for your vehicles because it causes no harm to Mother Nature. No pollution or harmful radiation is passed on to the environment when it is switched on.

Therefore it can be stated if you thought that third-brake lights’ only use is its aesthetic appeal then pause and think again. Many studies have also shown that since these third brake lights with a horizontal straight line pattern, it has cut down major chances of road accidents that used to happen because the breaks weren’t pulled on time. So, with this auxiliary be sure to gain more confidence, updated style, and optimal security, which is its mainstream purpose.

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