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What Do You Know About The Car Headlights Type And Specification?

Many people will ask, can the headlights be changed? Can halogen lamps be replaced with xenon lamps? can it be changed to LED headlights ?
In fact, whether the bulb can be changed which mainly determined by the model and base of the bulb. If the model is wrong, no matter what the bulb are, they can’t be installed!

The headlights are roughly divided into: H series, D series.
H series is the original car halogen lamp series, D series is the original car xenon lamp series.

Let’s take a look at the H series.
Common models of the H series are: H1, H4, H7, H11, HB3, HB4…
H1 is a monofilament single-legged bulb, which is mostly used for high-beam illumination. Because the distance between the filament and the bracket is relatively long, it is easy to break the wire when it is strongly shaken. Now it is less used in the new car.

H3 light bulbs are generally used in fog lights, and this models are less used currently, closing to the phase of elimination.
H4 is a double-wire umbrella legged bulb, which is what we call the high beam and low beam integration bulb. For the car manufacturer, the cost is relatively low, and it is widely used in low-end and mid-range models.

H7 is a monofilament double-legged bulb that is mostly used for low-beam illumination. Its bulb design is reasonable and it is one of the mainstream models of the lamp.

H8 is 35W, generally used in fog lights.
H9 is 55W, generally used in high beam.
H11 is 55W and is generally used in low beam. In fact, the H8, H9 and H11 bulbs are similar. It is necessary to distinguish them by observing the details in kind. Mainly distinguish them with the model number.

H16 bulbs have only appeared during this two years, generally used for daytime running lights, or fog lights. At present, it is not very common. LEDs are now popular, and H16 bulbs is not expected to be widely used.
9005 is also called HB3, generally used in high beam.
9006 is also called HB4, which is generally used in low beam.
The 880 bulbs is not very common, and the model name is also quite complicated. It is used in fog lamps of some car models.
9004 and 9007, these two bulbs are high beam and low beam integration bulb. It is also basically a phase of elimination.
For vehicles with high beam and low beam separation, according to the adjustment method, they are divided into two kinds. One is when the adjustment is made, the high beam and low beam moves together. One is that the high beam and low beam are independently adjusted. When high beam and low beam are adjusted together, it is necessary to pay attention to a situation that the lens position in the low beam must be referenced to the high beam to avoid one shining to the sky and one shining on the ground.

D indicates xenon lamp.
D: D1S, D2S, D3S, D4S, D1R, D2R, D3R, D4R…
We can distinguish xenon lights based on numbers and letters.
“1, 2, 3, 4”, singular number means with open switch ware(ignition coil), double number means without open switch ware.
Double number “2”and “4” represents the xenon lamp with a narrower shape.

Singular number “1”and “3” represents the Xenon lamp with a open switch ware(ignition coil).

“S, R”, “S” represents used for the lens and “R” represents used for the reflective bowl.
Let’s take D1S as an example.
D1S means that the xenon lamp without the open switch ware(ignition coil) is used the lens.

All of the above are the different specifications of the original car bulb. As long as you select the right specification, it can be installed.
The most intuitive way to konw the bulb specification is to open the hood and find the position of the dust cover. Then take out the lights, and see the mark above…

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