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What are Tailgate Lights and Why Do We Need Them?

Tailgate light bars are the car accessories that come in two sizes and should be installed at the rear end above the trunk’s edge of the car. They shine bright and in million ways to indicate the other vehicles coming behind you about your car’s shape, size and overall presence on the road.

Tailgate lights have great significance in a car because they are indicative of the moving car on the road. These lights easily reflect on the progress of the automotive and make the vehicles easy to identify. These lights make the other drivers behind your car to identify the shape and size of your vehicle and it caters to the best of its purpose during extreme weather conditions like rain, fog or snow.

However, mostly it is seen that normal reflecting lights aren’t of sharp intensity and don’t gleam as sharply as the special tailgate light bar. The latter is an accessory that can be installed in the car by going to the accessory shop nearby but it has to be ensured that the quality of those products is in correspondence with the industry standards.

Let’s find out why this accessory by AoonuAuto is crucial and is the need of the hour:

What is a tailgate light bar by AoonuAuto?

The tailgate light bar by AoonuAuto is a tube form collection of LED light bulbs which glows in a million color pattern. This accessory will bring a cool effect for your car and will keep glowing through your road trip. These car accessories online at AoonuAuto’s website make for a highly useful collection.

It can be easily installed at the rear of your car and it will glow in a million ways creating an alerting and dazzling indication that will be appreciated by truck buffs. Therefore, a tailgate bar isn’t just a fashion accessory but a great safety and precautionary measure.

Wonderful specifications of the tailgate lights

The voltage of the bulbs is 12 V and these bars have clear housing. The light color that is reflected by the bulbs is multi-color, and available in two sizes 48 LED and 60 LED, which can be chosen according to the brand of the car.

It is a waterproof IP65 material that is quite sturdy and strong to brave all the weather conditions, torrential rains, snow or fog. There is no chance of blocking it with water or moisture during these conditions.

The multi-function tailgate lights

Unlike usual tailgate light at the rear of any car, this auxiliary has unique and distinguished functions. The driving mode will showcase the multi-color light throughout, as soon as the brakes are applied it will turn red, and while reversing the vehicle the light will turn white.

For the left and right turns it will go in yellow streamer modes, whereas if you happen to buy the truck tailgate light bar it will thoroughly stay white apart from applying brakes when it is red.

Easy and handy installation

This LED system of lights can be installed using the instruction booklet successful. This is a hit with the people who believe in DIY. Once installed they will prove to be the brightest LED tailgate light bar for your vehicle making it stand out throughout the road trip since your car now will be appreciated by other truck drivers because of the accentuated visibility factor and also the way it looks more charming, appealing and extraordinary.

Hence, with all these benefits of tailgate lights, it is inevitable to state that we need them for an upgrade.

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