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Recruitment of LED Door Sills Installation Video-Marker

1.Video content 

Video installation and production time must be not less than 10 minutes, Need dubbing to explain the installation process. It would be better to put our company logo on it.

 2.Our product
Our product is LED Door Sill Entry Guards Light. so The condition is that you have your own car. No matter what car you have, We support custom products. You need to provide the appropriate size (length and width). We will send you 2 front door sill

 3.Our official website
This is our official website, you can find out our company and all products first.  

4.About video production requirements:
(1)It is best to shoot with a camera
(2)If you have experience in making similar products, give priority

     5. Installation video references

       6. About our AoonuAuto Car Club
      (1)We always share new product in it ,Many car enthusiasts share their car inside
      (2)Irregularly offer discount or Promotions!
      (3)Offering free gift if you share our products video feedback in groups frequently!!!
      (4)Open this link to join it

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