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Upgrade Your Car Interior With Aoonuauto’s LED Foot Mats

We all like to embellish our homes with best of interiors- expensive vases, stylish shelves, souvenirs, royal carpets for flooring and a lot more. To keep the house free of dust and to add more hygiene and make it more appealing a carpet or foot mats are essential at the appropriate places in your house. So it should be in cars too, because like homes one cannot go without slippers in the car and cannot avoid the dust to come inside. Therefore, one ultimate solution for all major cars lies with Aoonuauto with its premium range of LED foot mats, which are powered by gorgeous light and serves its foremost purpose too.


Throwing light on various striking attributes of this product by Aoonuauto is indispensable, and here they are:

Excellent Specifications

These gorgeous LED car mats are no ordinary deal, they make your drives awesome as they are so colorful which can be operated easily using the remote control. The voltage is 12 V and the current is less than 0.5 A supported by cigarette light interface. The colors in which it is illumined -are green, red, blue, white, yellow, purple and orange which are enough to pamper your state of being.

Elevates The Interior Experience

Made for almost all brands like Chevrolet, Nissan, Honda, SAAB, etc they light up the atmosphere in Hyun-cool effect. These LED interior car lights render a magical and soothing effect while you are driving with your loved ones.

Sturdy And Durable

These coruscant mats are made of Japanese acrylic material which is the best one to count on. It is highly flexible and durable. If your kids are having fun, rolling, laughing along and sleeping in the cabin and even spill the mat with their favorite drink, let them be. The material is totally waterproof and anti-corrosion, therefore making this one of the best car interior accessories you could install in your car.

Stunning Control Functions

Depending on your mood you can switch to different modes of light using the remote control. There are 8 monochrome modes, with 7 colors jump mode and switch over modes too. Also, one can find 4 music sensor modes too which will change according to the ongoing beats.

Fits your car perfectly

This kit having illuminated floor mats at Aoonuauto are quality tested and handpicked by selected suppliers and is a hallmark of customization according to respective car brands. The size of the mats, the fit, and logo of the brand, everything is designed in agreement with the industry standards. So, you get what you desire once you could order it online and are surprised with your beautiful LED mats kit right at your door.

Trouble-Free Installation

You do not have to worry about the installation of these floor mats at all as they are plug and play.  It doesn’t bite off a chunk of your time to get installed in your automotive. The mats come with 3M double adhesive straps on its back which makes the process so effortless to complete. The pasting is so strong that it doesn’t move or slip while your kids might as well hop on it.

This is not just a cool piece of decor that you invest in, but absolutely an asset for all future trips too. It does not just add comfort while sitting but also works hard to maintain your car’s good looks well in place thus upgrading it to perfection.

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