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Underbody Lights: What is the reason behind these lights? How to install them?

It is a special feeling to see your car lights glow exquisitely on the road while you drive during the night time happily off to your most awaited trip. But the question is, how would you facilitate your dear vehicle with car under-glow? Well, with Aoonuauto you don’t have to worry about which underbody light is perfect for you, because this high-end accessory store is only providing you the best ancillaries ever.

Why should you install underbody lights by Aoonuauto? Let’s find out:

Variety of light colors controlled by Remote

  • Partying with friends tonight and going out for a night drive with a lot of chatter and good music? Yes, if your car is installed with underbody kit then you are surely going to make it happening for you and your loved ones.
  • Let your mood decide what light you wish to pick for the night ride, there is a variety of 8 different and soothing colors that you can choose from.
  • These LED underbody lights also can be set in different modes like music sensor modes in which the under glow of the car will move according to the ongoing rhythm of the music.

Made of great material, flexible and secure

  • It comes installed with LED chip set and has a clear silicon housing, this has a cigarette lighter interface that lights the LED strip lamps beautifully.
  • It comes in 180 and 252 LED lamps, both the sizes are available and can be bought according to the car model of the buyer. The material is highly flexible, it is IP 67 water proof and ultra thin that makes it invisible if you try and find this.
  • These are fashioned in a way that it easily sets in all cars like SUV s, vans, trucks etc. This material is wholly water tolerant that makes it fit to fight all weather conditions . So, be it snow, rains, odd roads or puddles on the road the water-resistance power of these LED strips too strong to fail.
  • These LED underbody lights for cars are super shy, elegant and luminous, that they can easily be found out by other speeding vehicles.

Installation of LED Underbody lights

  • The installation part is super easy and convenient because there doesn’t lie any rocket science or huge mathematical calculation behind it’s installation. You only have to follow the instructions given in the guide book that comes with the package for an easy upgrade.
  • While installing you don’t have to rewire anything, it is only a plug and play accessory which can be fixed using a 3M double adhesive at the back and it sticks comfortable and sturdily. 
  • The installation requires no drilling, therefore the process is completely free from any destructive repercussions. It is a completely ‘do it yourself ‘ task and shall be upgraded in your cars at the soonest.

Thus, the clear objective of a car under glow kit is a must to mark your presence on roads, fetch compliments from your co-drivers who will not refrain from giving your choice a thumbs up. So, here’s all that you need to know about LED underbody lights by Aoonuauto car online store.

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