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Troubleshooter: Should we use headlights during the day?

You can have a relaxing drive with the headlights switched on in the daytime, the article throws light on- how headlights in the day can reduce risk of accidents and only supreme quality headlights should be installed.

Much research has found out that keeping the headlights of the car ON during the day helps a lot. The headlights during the daytime reduce the risk of road mishaps which generally happens when the vehicle isn’t visible because of certain atmospheric imbalances. Especially, in weather which is rainy, stormy, or snowy it is recommended that if the headlights remain on, then it will be an added advantage to the moving vehicles.

It is particularly required in places with fluctuating and extreme climatic conditions. For example, in the Nordic countries where the temperature remains cold because you cannot find the sun around, the climate is such that demands the traffic to be extra careful and drive with the utmost care. Therefore, in such locations, the brightest headlight bulbs as fixed in the car’s head come to the rescue.

The headlight bulbs therefore should be installed belonging to the most premium segment and no compromise shall be made in terms of quality. In the unreliable atmospheric conditions, only a good headlight will be your vehicle’s life savior.

Let’s find out what good quality headlight should have:

  • The headlights should be made of tough material like aviation aluminum which is toughest of all and keeps in place even when riding on a bumpy road. The installation also holds this material better because it stays in one place because of its fine built.
  • Only LED headlights should be preferred, because unlike halogen and xenon they don’t heat much, they consume lesser power from the battery and comparatively have a longer life. Once LED headlights are installed rest assured that they are going to give you long-lasting performance without any hassles to changing them.

  • The headlights should have a fan of a cooling principle underlying its design which will be responsible to vent out the collected heat inside. In case of changing weather conditions, there can be moisture stuck inside the headlights that should be released from time to time. Intelligent temperature control will take care of condensation in led headlights so that their performance remains high.
  • The headlights should have the option to switch to low beam and high beam, as this will enable the vehicle to shift to the most appropriate function so that it can be adjusted according to the condition of the traffic and lighting.
  • A long drawn beam angle on the road ahead so that you can judge what’s coming up after a few meters, this would ensure that you can identify puddles and intensity of the rains. Also, a clear and long beam would let you measure the distance between the vehicles ahead of you.

AoonuAuto brings you a range of custom headlights that let you achieve a sense of confidence as soon as you install them. You can rely upon a good quality headlight at night as well as day. Hence, safe and secure travel is affirmed to you and your loved ones.

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