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Transform the car by your way with Aoonuauto’s Best accessories

Have you ever wished that some part of the newly bought car were a bit different or something according to your choice? There are many such car owners who would often look at the interior lighting and wish that it was a bit more cheerful than the bleak warm-toned incandescent lights even after driving the car for years. Whether you have bought a new car or have been driving the same old car for many years, there is nothing stopping you from adding some personal touch to set the mood.

Light For Door Handle Bowls With Logo  

LED door handle lights are not something in-built that you will come across in the car and as a matter of fact, not many people are even aware of lighting the handle bowls. For ease of rolling windows and operating the door handles, these LED bars have come to be useful while adding a soothing ambient light during the car journey.

Tesla, Subaru, Pontiac, Nissan Lexus and many other brands are supported by Aoonu Auto while making the custom and universal light plates so that you get the logoed light accessory for 99% of car models. The eye-catching appearance with the vibrant lights can also be selected so that you can match or create contrast with the interior setup.

Made of IP65-certified waterproof Japanese Acrylic material that can withstand extreme heat, shock, dust and water, the plates are about half a millimeter thick and are easily fitted in the bowl. Multicolor, red, green, purple, orange, blue, white, ice blue and pink colored variants are available or you and you also get to choose the type of logo, pattern, pictures and words to be laser-inscribed.

Underbody Lighting To Drive Along the Highlighted Path

The LED underbody lights are often called chassis lights and will give a touch of novelty to the otherwise muddy or dusty section of the car. That being said, you do not have to compromise with the durability of the LEDs while stylizing the car because the LED chips inside the IP65-rated silicone housing will never get damaged from heavy exposure to puddles, mud, sand, snow, dirt, debris and dust on the terrain.

Whether you settle for cigarette lighter or insurance tube DC interface, operating the lights are easy with the RF remote controller. You can personalize with the colors of remote controlled lights namely orange, cyan, purple, red, blue, yellow, white and green. Again, the Smartphone app controlled underbody light with wired interface will let you adjust from eight monochrome modes and 210 colored modes. More customization can be done with brightness or choosing music mode and scene mode.

Accent Lights For Setting The Overall Interior Ambience

The LED accent lights are undoubtedly the most customizable lighting kits from Aoonu Auto to help you lighten up the leg space, roof or the entire interior with the type of color you prefer. With efficient heat dissipation, these lights will last for more than ten thousand hours with a heat compatibility range between -20 and 70 degree Celsius.

Go with the super version starlight accents and choose from seven colors, four lighting modes and two effects or settle for the pocket-friendly general red starlight accent with single or three multicolor modes. The premium version red and blue accents with three modes and the intermediate version non-remote red and remote-controlled blue accents with three modes will also enhance your mood.

Aoonu Auto has always prioritized the wishes of the customers and therefore, offers you the customizable car lighting accessories to help you transform the car interior and exterior as you want.

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