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Toyota Door Projector Lights -How good quality car accessories can boost your car value?

Do you believe in the value of brands? If yes, you must also believe that associated with any good brand is a social value. Toyota is a cool brand and has a different air of boldness, authority and strength about itself. The logo of Toyota that has two perpendicular ovals is a sign that reflects the customers’ hearts’ and the company’s heart lie in union and forever harmonious collaboration. The logo is being so unique and eye-catching has been crafted as an accessory by Aoonuauto. The car door logo projector with LED illuminated Toyota logo is an auxiliary that you must adorn in your cars.

The salient features of this amazing accessory should be reflected upon to know how it can boost your car’s value:

Premium Selection

Any customer would want an accessory that is genuine and looks authentic, the material that is worthy of being fixed into Toyota’s luxury car to match its beauty. That is why Aoonuauto strives to select only the most dazzling LEDs from the best of suppliers to render high-end quality products.

Great Specifications

The Toyota door projector lights are the super-bright Philips LEDs with 12V and have an output power of 5W that makes it lucent, intense as well as elusive at the same time. The material is a combination of ABS and aluminum alloy that makes it serviceable and strong.

Compatibility with models

It is important to check the compatibility of these car accessories online, before ordering one for your car.  For Toyota Prius and Avalon the compatibility is there with models after 2004 and 2005 respectively, which means for all the other models the availability will be there like Land Cruiser, Tundra, Sienna, etc.  These accessories are so plush and chic that they easily blend in the car’s texture.

Easy Installation

Using a simple flat-head screwdriver one can remove the original doorstep lights and then these lights can be installed. Only the connection needs to be made with the correct corresponding connector. It should be made sure that the LED door logo projector lights are facing the ground. Once, the engine starts and the car door opens you will see the attractively lit ground with a distinct and crystal-clear projection of your dear brand Toyota.

A reliable guide

This door logo projector not only brings you the feeling of utter joy and sense of pride for its starry shine but also promises a better safety during night drives. In case you have to stop by and need to get out on a dark road with less visibility, shed all worries because it saves you from small accidents like flashing into a puddle or an open pit.

In fact, this guides the elderly and the children both easily and carefully into the car, therefore eliminates all chances of accidental dropping on the solid ground because the illuminated logo projector is enough of protection from any obstacles that hamper your movement. This automotive supportive is trendy, novice, breaks the monotony and strengthens your brand and social value by highlighting the logo of the prestigious brand that your own. This investment is all gains and it definitely boosts your car value.

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