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Three Super useful and affordable car accessories

There is a plethora of car accessories available on the market, both local automobile stores and online stores to lure you into making the car interior more upscale. Aoonuauto is your one-stop platform to get the most efficient, durable and convenient car interior accessories that will change the overall look of your car. From LED door handle lights to accent kits, your choices are many, especially when all these accessories use the eco-friendly long-lasting LEDs. So, here are the three accessories that you will find indispensable –

LED Aromatherapy Diffuser As Logoed Air Freshener

Available with two aromatherapy sticks as complimentary with the diffusers and a wide selection of fragrances to choose additionally, you can now be assured of no odor inside the car. You can choose the brand-specific diffusers featuring the model logo and name of your car, as well as select your preferred logo or name to highlight. With the smart touch sensors, you can select the colors like ice-blue, blue, rose red, red, white, green and yellow.

The LED aromatherapy diffuser also comes with fifteen color modes including breathing mode, music mode, constant mode and colorful light mode. Cologne with citrus smell, lavender with aromatic smell, rose with floral smell etc –choose the fragrance that lightens up your mood.

LED Cup Holder To Keep Containers With Sensor Features

More or less many car models come with the built-in cup holders where you can put water bottles, coffee cups, juice bottles and cold drink bottles. However, when it is dark, finding the holder and putting the container in proper place becomes a bit difficult. That is not the case when you have added the LED cup coasters for the holders in your car, because as the name suggests, these coasters will lighten up to help you find the cup holder. With USB charging port for these low-energy consuming light accessories, you can charge these during daytime traveling so that at night, they can glow in three different color gradient modes.

In both stable mode and breath mode, you get to choose a single color or change it as per your wish. There are purple, blue, ice-blue, green, yellow, red and white variants to choose and what is better, you can even ask for your preferred logoed name just like the aromatherapy diffusers. Be it withstanding high temperature or resisting water and other spillage, these anti-corrosive coasters will be useful for their durability.


Door Handle Light To Help Finding Knobs

With options for both brand-specific and customized logo and name, the LED door handle lights made of high-quality Japanese acrylic will not fall victim to wear and tear in the long run. According to the car upholstery or your choice, you can go for the multicolor, red, blue or white color variants. Easily fit inside the door handle bowl, these 12V lights will make sure that you do not have to fumble while locating the handle or the window rolling knob.

While being easy to install with the strong adhesive, the perfectly decoded control chip for the LED lights offer overcurrent protection. Rest assured that the lights will run for about 2000 hours without dazzling your eyes.

Choosing which accessory might actually be useful from those, which are just for the looks can be tough as, let’s face it, all those colorful accessories look too stylish to ignore! However, Aoonuauto designs accessories that have the looks and the usefulness –choose the accessory that suits your car the best.

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