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Third Brake lights: Keep your car safe and secure on Road Trips

The magnificent, advanced and highly safe accessory that can make your road trips worthy of your time and efforts Third brake lights, the best safe and secure auxiliaries for all trips ahead.

In order to take road trips, one need to meticulously plan everything in advance, every road trip needs to be well-executed, so that it turns out be safe and secure for everybody and you present inside the car. Road trips are usually taken across cities and in rare cases across countries, either be the case the situation demands full-vigilance, tyres checked, lights tested, gears bought and accessories well-in place. AoonuAuto, therefore, produces the ideal situation for every rider by facilitating them with the best of auxiliaries which not only adds beauty to the four-wheels but also makes the car ready with added safety.

Third brake light is also one such accessory which stands out and favours the vehicle in every condition by adding a unique safety tangent to it. Let’s explore how:

Single Mode and Multi-mode brake lights

  • These lights are a great innovation in the automobile industry; they are such revolutionary form of lighting which cannot be avoided when it comes to upgrading your obsolete cars. Both the types are useful, and work towards increasing the safety of your vehicle. Single Mode lighting is simpler and subtler, than the Multi-mode car accessories.
  • The only difference between the two is the style of lighting when the brakes are applied. The former lights up bright red when the brakes are applied, giving an instant signal that the following traffic needs to stop. However, the latter type of lighting ensures that the brake signalling takes place much more efficiently and in an appealing manner. The multi-mode lighting means the light will be present in lighter and brighter modes at different rates.

The light system ensures safety

  • The side brake lights which traditionally are part of every car’s manufacturing process are not that competing as the novel LED third brake lights. Those halogen or xenon bulbs tend to fuse out soon and aren’t even that efficient to use. The old-fashioned bulbs were not as spontaneous and swift as the new type of lighting
  • The new type of LEDs is more advanced, durable and long-lasting, made of LED chipset and silicon housing. These LEDs are placed at the top of the rear windshield which is an ideal position to look at while the brakes are applied. The third brake lights are positioned in a way meticulous manner which implies thoughtful engineering of these premium products.

Great indication for all the fellow drivers

  • The brightness of these LED light strips ensures that your car becomes easily spottable. So on long trips when one is travelling during the night hours, these lights prove to be very helpful for all the bigger vehicles like lorry, wagons or trucks. Sometimes, it so happens that the height of these vehicles skips on noticing the side brake lights.
  • Therefore, the outstanding positioning of the third brake light bulb strip makes this process very easy for the truck drivers.  This way the risk of accidents is almost diminished and you can drive safely with your loved ones when on a road trip.

These lights demand a total DIY method, and in case of any issues AoonuAuto team is ever ready to help you out. Once they are assembled in your car, you can shed off all your worries and keep your car absolutely safe and secure on your road journey.

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