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Third brake lights: Enhancing your vehicle’s visibility from behind

It is a significant fixture because it renders safety to your vehicle; it is an ideal accessory for the night travels because the placement of this light helps your car remain in the line of sight of the driver approaching behind you thus making it all so safe for you.

How many times do we seriously think of investing in an accessory which is meant for the rear of the car? All the time we think of installing fancy chrome plates, rims, or comfortable car seat covers. It is seldom and a few of us who would give weightage to the back of the car, thinking whether is it making your vehicle safe enough to drive? You must be wondering what can make your vehicle safe from behind and why is it necessary? Well, if you like to travel and that too during the odd hours on the long routes, your car needs an ancillary called third brake light.

There are several benefits for making your automotive equipped with third brake light kit, let’s take into account the key features of these lights:

Illuminating third lights for your car

The third brake lights are the LEDs that AoonuAuto has bought from the premium chosen suppliers, therefore all the products come with guaranteed quality checks meeting the standard. These bright red color shining LED strips are available on the AoonuAuto’s car online store that shines amazingly on the rear top of the car once the brakes are applied.

High-quality LED strip lights for the car

The strips are 200cm long which are made of LED chipset and black silicon housing, which is evident in its unbending dynamism and sturdy quality. The strip lamps can be easily pasted using the 3M double adhesive tape and stay in place. The high-quality strips are also IP 65 waterproof, which can brave the moisture in the air easily and is fuse resistant. Therefore, with these super quality lights, your car will not just look lavish and chic but will be equipped enough for all your travels.

A great add-on safety measure

  • Third brake lights function in a distinguishing approach that let the drivers behind your car know that the brakes are being applied. Unlike, the default brake lights which are placed on both rear corners of the car during manufacturing, these car accessories are placed on the rear center-top on the back windshield.
  • Wondering what difference does it make? The answer is ‘timings’. Yes, they indicate the vehicles to take a much quicker action like stopping the car, as soon as they notice the third brake light turns bright red. This color of the light is also remarkably sharp, illuminating, and noticeable than general light bulbs installed in those obsolete brake lights.
  • These lights are also available in multi-mode that makes the light shine in three steps, flashing towards the center and is more conspicuous than the single-mode brake lights. Gradually many car manufacturers have been making third brake lights a part of their original lighting systems because of their better safety structure.

So, learning that a third brake light bulb will take better care of you and your loved ones, your car deserve a quick assembly. It does not just enhance visibility but in turn, is appreciated by other vehicles on the road contributing to their safety as well.

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