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Third Brake Light: Why These Lights Are Considered as the Savior at Night?

The brake lights are an important feature for cars, especially for the night drivers, they are alarming for all the bigger vehicles on road thus making the drive the safest than ever before. AoonuAuto’s car brake lights are distinguished because of their positioning and the high-end bulb quality which makes this product everlasting as well.

Driving is cool, but doing it responsibly is a challenge; the key is to be careful and not overconfident while driving. The problem one faces today is the increased traffic rate because of the swelling population- at the workplace. Everyone is in a rush today, the haste to reach office or impatience to reach back home after a tiring day. So, suitable car accessories should be installed in your vehicle to ensure safety while you drive.

At Aoonuauto all the auxiliaries for cars are made of trust, utility, and value and that’s what we strive to provide the customer as they purchase an accessory from us. AoonuAuto has some car brake accessories range which not just enhances the look of your vehicle but makes you feel well-equipped at the same time. Third brake light system shall be installed for safer drives and here are its salient features:

A crucial accessory to sport

  • The LED third brake light is a gorgeous accessory by AoonuAuto that comes in two variants- single-mode brakes and multi-mode brake lights. The only difference is their ‘display’ while the function and quality of both the variants are the same, ensuring great safety to the car in question.
  • They include the efficient LED light bulbs 171 LED and 144 LED respectively, which glow bright red to indicate the application of brakes.

How are third brake lights different?

  • These lights are different from the general brake lights which are installed during the manufacturing of the car. Third brake lights are made of LED light bulbs that are high-intensity and have sharp visibility than the normal bulbs installed at the back.
  • Moreover, they are beaded together in a tube-like pattern which has a piercing display once they are lighting because of the application of car brakes. Therefore, being visible through any inclement weather (rains, fog, snow, etc.) condition.
  • Their positioning makes them stand apart, as this car brake light is installed on the top rear of the car (back windshield), unlike the bottom sides. It can be said that this position is more noticeable and indicates the approaching vehicle about the brakes being applied by the vehicle.

Useful and eco-friendly accessory

  • This custom third brake light is really useful not only for the one who installs this but also the other co-drivers on the roads especially if you like to often go on a night drive.
  • It is made of the LED chipset and silicone housing which is a dynamic material and also is IP65 waterproof. The lights are the most-environmentally safe as they pass no harmful radiation in the environment.

These lights glow bright red as soon as the brakes are applied and let the following vehicles apply their brakes well in time. Thus, bringing a lot more added safety and reaction time is stimulated faster. This set of accessory can surely prove to be a night savior for all.

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