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Third brake light: Make a better decision for your safety

Third brake light has been revolutionary in the automobile industry and comes with heaps of advantages for your car as well as other vehicles driving along with you. It is also an auxiliary that provides a more youthful and charming aura to your vehicle.

Third brake lights are one of the most trending accessories at the AoonuAuto car online store that focuses upon giving your vehicle an edge over the rest. To achieve the optimal safety level, one can invest in an asset like this which will reap your automobile multiple benefits as you drive. The third brake light is an extremely useful accessory for your car, which glows bright red as soon as the brakes are applied and work in time indicating other vehicles to stop immediately.

Let’s further highlight the purpose of installing third brake lights in your cars and how it can prove to be a good decision that gives you better safety than ever before:

Third brake lights and the general brake lights

The general brake lights are the ones that come by default in every manufactured car. It is a pair of light bulbs which illumine red when the driver applies the brakes. Over some time, there arrived a concept of lighting called third brake light which started to be used as an accessory on the top-center rear windshield of cars.

The purpose of third brake lights

They were devised to be placed at a more noticeable place unlike the general brake lights in every car. Their top center position became a popular spot that is much attractive and catchy. The purpose behind devising this idea was to indicate the following vehicle about the halt that the vehicle ahead of it is making.

Third Brake lights just under $35 with incredible performance

  • There are two variants available for these car accessories is Single-mode third brake light pricing for $32 and multi-mode third brake light accounting to $35. These LED strips are made of an LED chipset with a black silicone housing which makes the material very flexible, easy to be fixed and gives seamless finesse as it blends well in your car’s texture.
  • The 200 cm wire is IP65 waterproof, therefore it is sure that it will run long and won’t fuse out its LEDs. Therefore, even if you take your car in the torrential rains or snow, the LED light bulbs will brave it all. It is extremely helpful for night travels especially, as the following driver will notice the brakes in the same line of sight, which doesn’t let the drivers miss noticing the application of the brake.
  • Multi-mode light is a more advanced form of brake light which glows red in three intervals. First, while applying brakes, it will flash red three times and when applied brakes it will turn full bright red. After having applied, it will stay very low beaming red.

An absolute DIY situation for you

Upgrading your car with this third brake light bulb is a cool idea because it won’t bite off your whole day occupying you in installation. This ancillary is very handy and can be fixed easily if you believe in DIY. You can get good guidance from the installation video uploaded by our team to help you out with this fixture.

It can be concluded that these accessories are not just glamorous to look at but increase your vehicle’s safety to multiple folds, therefore making your car much deserving to own a third brake light.

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