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Things to Note-Down While Buying Third Brake Light for Cars

Third brake lights have been gaining popularity and act as a great safety ensure for cars. They indicate the approaching vehicles to apply brakes in time as soon as these lights glow. Here are some important points to be noted before finalizing them.

Third brake lights have proved to be revolutionary car accessories, in terms of technological advancements and mark a breakthrough in all the car manufacturing companies. So, before stepping on to ‘how’ we should know a bit about ‘what’ of this.

What are the third brake lights?

These brake lights are present at an upper level than the conventional stop lights located in the corners of the car’s rear. They illumine in red color as soon as the brakes are applied, indicating the vehicles approaching from behind to apply brakes in time.

Why should they be installed?

Well, not mandatory, but it acts as a great safety feature in vehicles. The normal stop lamps are located at each corner at the rear of the car, while this new car brake light LED strip is installed at the eye level or a little above it which is quite easy and obvious to notice.
These lights are noticeable, warns the approaching vehicle to slow down well in time as compared to the traditional lighting systems at the rear corners.

Things to note-down and look for, as you buy third brake lights for cars:

Specifications should be impressive

It should have a good voltage within the range of 10 V-12 V and should be made of a tough and reliable material like an LED chipset and silicon housing which has been gaining popularity in the present hour. The third brake light should conventionally be red when it is applied to give correct signals to the approaching vehicles.

It should appear like the skin of the car

It is important to makeover sometimes but it is as important to stay natural, therefore make sure that you buy a stylish looking piece but should be customized for your car making it appear like your car’s skin itself. The more subtle the accessory is, the better is what your car will look like.
The lights with AoonuAuto are completely custom made and are the perfect stylish fit for your automotive. This dazzling accessory would even define your car’s features more and add an edge over others.

Make sure the lights have high-quality LEDs

The count of LEDs is a crucial factor to determine how bright the LED strip would be, so for about a 100cm strip the ideal count of a third brake light strip should be 70 which will make it flashing brake lights for cars.
AoonuAuto’s LED light systems ensure that the quality is supreme and the LEDs are fit according to the atmosphere as well. No harmful radiation or environmental pollution is caused. So, this factor plays an important role while you decide to go for a third brake light.

Non-damaging installation

If your cars require this upgrade, then make sure that the LED strip you finalize can be installed without damaging the circuit or the body of the car.
However, with AoonuAuto, it is a simple non-destructive installation and the strip sticks with the help of strong adhesive tape. The installation video and the instruction booklet by AoonuAuto will make this a complete DIY for you.
We hope these points would be helpful tips to help you decide finally on a third brake light for your car.

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