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Things to know about LED headlight bulbs with its three major variants

While buying a car we almost are lost on closing the deal based on a few parameters, like looks of the car, the shape/body of the car, average, interiors accessories/material. While we hardly pay heed to what kind of lamp quality the manufacturer is giving to the cars. By quality one means the range of the LED, the type of car headlight bulbs installed and material used (water resistant or not). Well, Aoonuauto has always strives to provide its customers the best of accessories chosen from the selected suppliers.

Let’s find out the physical attributes of LED headlight bulbs to know how they stand out from the rest that are floating in the market:

H11 LED Headlight Bulbs with incredible color temperature and beam range

This adjunct comes in 60 W (pair) and 30 W bulb having incredibly high luminous efficacy flux of 7600LM/pair and 3800 LM/bulb respectively. These LED light bulb for cars are great quality products which have voltage as 9V to 36 V as suitable for cars, trucks, SUV and RV xenon headlights.

These lights are made with 6000K color temperature and have a considerably long range accounting to 200 m when beamed on the road. So, it increases the visibility level if you are on a night drive, rest assured you will have a gleaming high for a smooth and stress free drive.

LED 9003 Headlight bulbs: The brightest, the best

This superior collection can be one of the best LED headlight bulbs that is made of aviation aluminum and military-grade fan that has high luminous efficacy flux for rendering a great performance. 

The lamp beads that are installed in these headlights are imported and have 75% increased concentration than other lamps you will find in the market

The design in which they come is elegant, chic and plush; thus enhances the social and brand value to optimal level.

They increase EMC non-polar resistance and also have a great anti-interference ability which is the best part during the night drives.

Upgrade with mini6 9005 headlight bulbs

This upgrade will make your car quite advanced and you will be surprised by your car’s performance as the wattage that it posses is 60 W, powered by imported light sources, having 6000k color temperature along with other brilliant features and specifications.

The best part of these advanced headlight types is that they come with integrated heat sink and fan cooling. Even in extreme moisture with heavy rain conditions proper ventilation take place without jamming the fans that effect the working condition of the headlights.

All these LED headlight bulbs come with short-circuit protection and adjustable beam powers suiting the environment your car is running in.

The variants under the collection LED headlight bulbs are high quality and full of great performance factors. They are unparalleled in beam quality and rage, the interface is clear and advanced thus making these a perfect fit in your cars. Why wait and ponder more on what to upgrade your cars with. We at Aoonuauto are waiting fondly with these auxiliaries to get installed in our cars to add that extra glamour, value, safety and glitz.

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