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Six affordable LED Lights accessories for the DIY enthusiast

Buying your first car or upgrading to a more luxurious car can be a significant investment and not many car owners will be up for the additional investments on automotive interior accessories. Instead of assigning a professional electrician or mechanic to install any lighting fixture by drilling and wiring, it is better to choose the accessories that are designed as plug-and-play setups for anyone looking for DIY projects. Aoonu Auto has an array of car lighting accessories in different price range and customization facilities, among which you can choose the car headlight bulbs, brake lights, daytime running lights, turn signal light and LED work lights etc.

Six DIY Lights To Choose From

Be it cup holders or handle bowl lights, aromatherapy diffusers or door sill lights –the best interior car accessories 2020 have been upgraded to suit your budget and requirement. Here are the six indispensable lighting accessories that you should consider –

  • Door Logo Projector Lights

Suitable for displaying the brand name and logo of your car, as well as ensuring safety to the driver or occupants of the car on opening the door(s), the door projector lights are available in special installation model as replacements to the existing ones. Once you have removed the old LED, plug in the 5W projector lights and watch a bright uniform logo projection illuminate the floor outside.

  • LED Accent Lights

If DIY car lighting is what you are looking for to add uniqueness to the car interior, the LED accent lights will be one of the most customizable options. By adjusting the light mode and colors with the mobile app control, you can illuminate either the entire floor or the roof with star light ambience. General, intermediate and super versions are there for selecting the type of lighting.

  • LED Underbody Lights

If the automotive exterior door frame rainbow lighting or the million color wheel lights seem a bit expensive for you, go for the LED underbody lights that are also customizable with the RF remote control feature. You can choose the single-color LEDs or the double row multicolored neon rock lights. Even better are the 4 and 8 pods multicolor flush neon lights in double rows that are weather-resistant.

  • LED Floor Mats

The LED floor mats suitable for brands and non-brands will be easy to clean and dust, thanks to the waterproof Japanese acrylic coating on stainless steel body. With remote-control, you will be able to choose from eight color options, eight monochrome, 3-color jump, 7-color jump, 3-color breath and 7-color switch-over modes alongside the four music sensor modes.

  • Door Sill Lights

The battery-powered LED door sill lights can be chosen according to the type and brand of vehicle, preferred or branded logo, color and quantity of logo and the line style. Stain and dust resistant, these lights with electromagnetic induction switch helps lightening up the sill when the doors are opened.


  • Air Fresheners

Air fresheners play a vital role in keeping the car interior free from any foul smell such as tobacco, alcohol, sweat, and more. Disc and UFO aromatherapy boxes, as well as the balms and aromatherapy sticks will help you feel soothing with adjustment of top, middle and afternote of different flavors like Ocean, Lavender, Osmanthus and Lemon.

There is also the luminous aromatherapy box that can remove bad smells and is easy to install by removing the adhesive slip from behind. Choose among the eight colors with three lighting modes with the diffuser and select when the lights will glow to offer safety to the locality.

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