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Reasons for Choosing Aoonuauto Door Logo Projector Light for Your Automobile

You would have put a big chunk of your hard-earned money into buying your four-wheel beauty, which is your partner all the time, staying loyal to you, facilitating you as you need and gets ready to take you where you want and when you wish. Automobiles have made our life so cushy and comfortable that you can’t thank them enough. Have you ever stolen a moment to thank this wonderful car of yours? If you haven’t ever, then it is the time to stop and invest some time and some funds into accessorizing your car to enhance its visual aspect even more.


How can you choose the right accessories to make it appealing as never before? Aoonuauto has taken care of your car’s supplementary needs and has come up with a range of great quality and pocket-friendly car door logo projector. Why not enter like a king or a queen and make your family and friends feel proud of the choice you have made. Our motto is to keep it subtle, yet fancy projecting a resplendent and reassuringly lit ambiance as soon as you step into the car.

Here in this article, we will cover the appropriate projector light one should look for, let’s find out.

Easy Installation

 Your best purchase would be that LED door logo projector that doesn’t intervene with the originality of your car. The simpler it is, the better will be the experience of driving. The projector should have dedicated connectors which should vary from brand to brand.

If it requires any sort of drilling into the body of the car, you should straight-away ditch that product because it is a full-of risk situation to fiddle with the original appearance of the car. Aoonuauto promises a non-destructive installation with no drilling and rewiring.

Quality projector Light

While choosing a brand makes sure that the light is made of a great material that guarantees super-bright projection simultaneously not disturbing the driver. The driver should be able to feel at ease and make sure the light is not pinching in the eye which might hamper smooth and safe driving.

Aoonuauto resolves to bring the best-LED door logo projector for cars that comes with 12V voltage, which has a balanced wattage as 5W, it comes with Philips LED lamps that in itself is a celebrated brand across the globe. When these door logo projectors are lit inside your car it illumines to render you a distinguished experience.

A great quality projector will outshine every other accessory in your car with the beaming brand logo of your car on the foot sides. This will enhance its interior beauty to multiple folds and make it an experience for you constantly reminding you of the premium brand of the car you are driving.

Ensuring safety

Apart from just accessorizing using these custom door project lights you also add a tinge of safety while driving. These customized logo projector lights can illumine the situation of doors outside on the ground that can prevent small accidents, especially during the night drives.

Therefore, these touchstones can be used to choose the right car door logo projectors for different brands like Chevrolet, Skoda, Mercedes, Toyota, BMW, etc and savor with this great interior embellishment for your respective automotive vehicles.

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