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Product Spotlight: LED Flag Pole with whips kit

Bring your vehicles into the spotlight with these mellifluous and magnificent whip lights perfectly topped with flags to provide the safest journey of all times.

Whip lights have been engineered in a way that enhances the visibility of the vehicle they are fitted on, thus focusing on the customers. When you are planning to take your vehicle in open areas, or when off-roading, then the best is to give it whip kit accessories which can idealize its visibility factor and you never feel less.

Let’s explore these lights further to know how they bring your vehicles immense glamour, a tangent of adventure and fun, in numerous ways:

Myriad options which are equally vivid and adaptable

All the models are made with exclusive design and premium quality and can be chosen according to the need of the customer. The price of each model varies about the size that the consumer requires; there are many options of colors like multi-color, monochrome red, and blue which are so exotic and bright to look at.

This lighting adds a vibrant tangent to the whole stance of the vehicle and makes it more vivid. The price changes in the increasing order of the height of the poles, which is available as 3ft-6ft.

The purpose of installation of these lights

These extravagant accessories are installed to mark a unique presence of the vehicle on road. Especially if you are an active and frequent traveler who likes to go for open –road travels, then this is what you should install in your cars.

The two gorgeous LED whip light poles stand noticeably tall at the rear end of your cars and withstand the whip of the air very well. Their unique shape and aura are so cool and enviable that all the vehicles would happily lay their eyes on your vehicle.

Strong poles with flags make it a tough accessory

The tubes are PC wrapped, tough enough to bear the trail of trees, and brave the hit of the branches in case you are passing through a bushy area. You won’t have to worry about breaking them because they are made of very strong aviation aluminum material.

These poles are a perfect match for truck, UTV, ATV, RZR, Can-am, Dune Buggy, Sand Rail, Jeep, Four Wheeler, kart, motorcycle, and industrial equipment. The illumination is sharp and very well engineered for the best results. These cool effects on the LED flag pole can be explored using Bluetooth sync via remote control.

Own the brightest sign light of your lives

The premium car accessories lighting available at AoonuAuto is the wisest choice one can make when it comes to making your vehicle safe and secure on the roads. The same is so magnificent and is the best and brightest sign of light on the road whenever you are traveling. They alert the vehicles approaching from all the directions to maintain proper distance and cuts down the chances of accidents.

This useful flag pole LED accessory when installed makes the vehicle feel more confident when cruising on long trips and keep you and your loved ones safe.

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