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NEW LED Bat Lights: Give your car door a makeover

Give your car a make-over with this luxurious accessory introduced by AoonuAuto, the shape, and style of the lights that’s ever so graceful and wonderful.

AoonuAuto can never cease to amaze its customers, therefore, added a new collection of LED bat lights to the most pocket-friendly range of accessories. The new lights are in the shape of a bat, and as their shape is a mark of swiftness and speed which would enhance the adventurous side of your personality once you install them in your cars. The lights are so grand to look at and render a novel tangent to the existing beauty of your four-wheels when the car doors are opened.

Let’s further explore the characteristics of this LED lighting and know how they can make your car look better and highly upgraded:

A product with fabulous specifications

  • Led bat lights are the ones that get fitted in the car’s front and the rear doors they are the projector lights that get fitted at the bottom side of the car doors and run on 12 V of voltage. These pleasing light accessories are available in three designs that can be seen at AoonuAuto’s website.
  • The scintillating colors in which these lights are available are red, blue, yellow, white, green, and rose red. All the colors look so blazing and bright, yet so subtle to see. The LED lighting is made up of Japanese Acrylic material and high brightness LEDs which have a thickness of 0.4 cm-0.5cm and a measurement of 26cm x 11.5cm in length and breadth.

Adding glamour and safety value to your car

  • The Acrylic Bat LED Lamp not just adds a glamour quotient when they light up but are also extremely safe for you to drive with. When the lights are switched on they cast a beautiful shadow on the ground, the solid surface portrays a shiny picture of a bat. This accessory helps to highlight your ‘on-the-edge’ lifestyle and make you stand out of the crowd, like a king/queen in shiny armor.
  • The projection on the ground creates sufficient light to find a safe spot for landing. Especially when traveling with family or friends during the night, you would feel much safe with these lights in your car. You can rest assured that if someone from the back needs to get down, you won’t have to flash the light from your phone or keep a separate torchlight for that purpose.
  • The bat-shaped car accessories would be doing the job perfectly. Also, they are evident from a long distance, so when your car is stopped and you wish to open the car door then every advancing vehicle will know that the door is opened and will maintain a proper safe distance from you.

The car doors can be easily worked upon and this activity can be perfectly DIY if you have a hand at it. Also, they can be easily connected to the negative and positive poles of the accessory and into the mold on the car door to depose the most attractive lighting ever. The lights can be fixed accurately with the 3M double adhesive tape and they will have the most stable grip. Hence, a must-try if you wish to give your cars a new makeover.

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